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VLOG: Six Games I Usually Play on Steam

Hey guys! So I made my first video blog after so many years and it's about the games I play on my PC using the STEAM client. Don'...

Friday, 7 July 2017

VLOG: Six Games I Usually Play on Steam

Hey guys! So I made my first video blog after so many years and it's about the games I play on my PC using the STEAM client.

Don't forget to leave comments especially helpful points on how to improve my next video blog. Thank you and enjoy!

Friday, 2 June 2017

Cee in Boracay Part One

Hey guys~! So we had a trip to Boracay last August 26-29, 2016 and I tried doing a video blog for this. I am still uncomfortable recording myself talking in front of the camera but I still got to film what we did during our short escapade in one of the Philippines' popular tourist destination.

For this part, we swam at the beach under the dark, rainy cloud; we snorkel to see fishes during our island hoping trip and fed the fish during the helmet diving. Hope you like my very first travel video blog! I will try improving next time, I promise!

(This series will run in three parts. Enjoy Part One!)

Monday, 15 May 2017

EVENT: A-DollZ presents Intro to ABJD

Eros and Paris
Around the end of 2015 I started a new hobby: collecting ball joint dolls. My first one was Eros and he is a DollFamily ZhuangQi on Mirodoll body. I love him so much and I wanted him to have a companion so just this February I received Paris after ordering him last December 2016 (He is a DollFamilyH XiaoXin on Mirodoll body). Now because I post a lot of photos of them on my Facebook account, some friends wanted to meet them in person.

This gave me the motivation to organize a doll meet up for Zamboanga-based doll enthusiasts. With my friend Alyssa's motivation, I was able to host the very first Doll Meet in Zamboanga City!

The meet happened last May 14, 2017 at Greens En Grill Veterans Avenue, Zamboanga City.

I gave a talk on the basics of BJD and how to own one. I was glad that those who attended showed much interest during my presentation.

Showing them Alyssa's (bjdnoah) video message.

I introduced Paris and Eros to them and talked a little about each of their personality. I expressed how owning a BJD is not as intimidating as it seems. I got good feedback after the short discussion from the participants. Some showed interest in shifting to doll collecting as a hobby. YAY! They were thankful that they were able to meet Eros and Paris whom they got to know from my facebook and instagram posts. (My dolls' IG account: @dollling)

Attendees of the first ZC doll meet with yours truly and Eros and Paris.
After the mini-discussion, I gave out a couple of crochet coin purses that I made by raffle.

Congratulations to Shana and Chut for winning!
We formally culminated the meet by having a photo shoot of the participants with Eros and Paris:
With Chut
With Sensei Kimberly

With Shana (She really love hugging Paris)
Poses with Marjorie
Due to demand and popularity of the event, I will be hosting another intro to BJD meet for those who are interested in but were unable to attend this event. Watch out for the announcement on our A-DollZ page:

Thank you to those who showed up even though it rained hard that day. Glad that I was able to share my little knowledge on asian ball jointed doll with you. See you next doll meet!

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