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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Combing your wig + Wig care

Knowing how to take care of wigs is important as a cosplayer. Cosplay wigs, especially the expensive ones, don't need much attention but if left alone after using may cause its ultimate wig death. Here are a few simple steps in how to comb long wigs and caring for it when not in use. 

In combing wigs, a special kind of comb must be used to avoid the breakage of the wig fibers. After researching and reading a lot about wig care, I discovered that using plastic combs may cause static electricity on the wig fibers and it will eventually cause its breakage.

A metal comb or brush is suitable for combing wigs. I found this cheap comb from a local store:
Metal-toothed comb for wigs
This here is my Gakupo wig. I just wore this somewhere (I forgot when and where!) and I was preparing to store it in my closet.
The base wig
The clip on
This is a video of how I combed this 100 centimeter-long wig set (both base wig and clip on). This method is applicable to wigs in any length. If you have a cheap synthetic wig, you can comb it this way BUT extra care must be rendered while doing it. (Click here for my post on the different kinds of wigs)

For the short version of the video, here's a photo tutorial on how to comb your wig:

Start with the bottom of the wig. Try untangling the wig slowly so that the fibers won't break off.

Bring the tangles down and try combing it carefully on the tip of the wig (easier than de-tangling it in the middle)

Repeat this method until you reach the top part of the wig. Be very careful on de-tangling the wig to avoid breakage of the wig fibers.

After de-tangling every part of the wig, slowly comb it from top to bottom until you are satisfied. 

After combing it, place the wig on a wig stand if you are planning to use it in the near future. If not, store it in a plastic cover and keep it in a closet or a box with your other wigs. Leaving a wig exposed for a long time on a wig stand will eventually become brittle and will result to more breakage of fibers when handling it.

What do you want to read next? Post your tutorial suggestion and or questions below and I might write a post about it next time!

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