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Thursday, 30 August 2012

REVIEW: Crystal Lens from Gwyshop!

Remember my old post about the two pairs of contact lenses that I bought this month? Well, I tried on the Opal Violet for my Gakupo Matryoshka cosplay last week.

I bought the two pairs of contact lenses (the other one is Pearl Gray) from Gwyshop. They are from a new line of contact lenses, Crystal Series with an ongoing promo: two pairs for 499PHP, free shipping if you order via their Multiply account. Good deal, right? 

I love the packaging. Effort counts, you know. :)
The package arrived earlier than expected (YAY). The packaging, as you can see above, was nicely done. The vials were wrapped with bubble wrap and purple craft paper and tied with a long ribbon. Pretty much like a present to friend. Everything was placed inside a personalized paper bag. 

The lenses came with a pocket size solution for free! This saved my day because I was out of solution and I forgot to buy a bottle for these new lenses.

Lens Details:
Origin: South Korea
Diameter: 14.8mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Water: 42%
Power: Plano
Life Span: 1 year

What I love about the design of the lens is that its simplicity. I am not really a big fan of design prints that are not very realistic. I will be using this pair for cosplay so I needed a pair to help me achieve realistic purple eyes.
I love the color of the lens when I put it on my eyes. This is my first purple lens and I am happy on how natural it looked on me.

The lenses enlarged my eyes which is a big YES when cosplaying because we all know that anime characters have large eyes. Although Vocaloid is not an anime, the characters that represent the voices are anime characters and they do have large eyes in most videos and artworks. 

Indoor light, no flash
With flash
Outdoor light, no flash
I love how easy it was to wear it. I did not feel any discomfort the first time I put it on even after how many weeks of not wearing any contact lens. Yaay for these new line of contacts! 

Will I buy from the shop in the future? 
Definitely! Especially if there will be another awesome promo like this in the future. :3

Cee cosplaying Gakupo Matryoshka Version

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