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Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Hime Gyaru Project: Part 1 (Accessories + Shoes)

HI! I've been gone for a few days because I was on the planning stage for my new project this Halloween: another Japanese style, the Hime Gyaru.

Hime Gyaru, translated from Japanese to English, is Princess Girl. These type of girls are seen wearing princess-like clothes, jewelries, accessories and shoes and act in princess-like manner in the streets of Japan.

The Hime Gyaru style is almost all pink and white: clothes, bags, shoes and accessories consist of pearls, flowers (especially roses), laces, crowns and sometimes teddy bears.

I found this slideshow video of Hime Gyaru on youtube. Please do watch! :) Credits to the youtube user Hentriette.

So this is my work-in-progress:
Let me show you what are the raw materials I bought yesterday for the Hime Gyaru Accessories.
hime gyaru accessories cee culanculan
This are the details of a fedora that I styled a few months back. I never got to wear this with any of my outfits so I have decided to rip off the details to be used in decorating my hime gyaru shoes.

hime gyaru accessories cee culanculan
I am going to decorate my old pair of rubber wedges with flowers and ribbons to make it look like those that are worn by a Hime Gyaru. 

hime gyaru accessories cee culanculan
hime gyaru accessories cee culanculan
hime gyaru accessories cee culanculan
I found these babies in my room, they are for the details on the shoes and accessories. I am going to create a headpiece for this style using pink roses, laces and pearls.

hime gyaru accessories cee culanculan
hime gyaru accessories cee culanculan
For my accessories! I was not able to find a crown bling-bling in a local accessory shop so I resorted to this carriage bling that reminds me of Cinderella's pumpkin carriage. The pearl-like beads will be used for my necklace and bracelet. 

hime gyaru accessories cee culanculan
Lastly, I bought fake nails set because I thought I can't possibly stick teddy bears and pearls on my nails without destroying it the second it is done. So I am going to decorate these nails with nail deco flowers to match the entire look.

I hope I can start making the accessories soon! My friend and I planned a shoot for this style this Saturday afternoon. I have so little time to prepare. 

Next post, I am going to show you a couple of clothes I found in my closet that are close to the Hime Gyaru fashion. I hope you guys can help me choose one to wear on the shoot!

What do you guys think of this street fashion popular in Japan?

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