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Friday, 14 December 2012

BBHQ: December's Task: How Do You Photograph For Your Blog?

December's task on Beauty Bloggers Headquarters is blog photography. I voted for this on the last poll and it won! I wanted to share a few things about how I take photos for my blog and maybe read others' methods too. That way, I can learn how to improve my photo blogging since it is mainly the category my blog falls.

Selca with a mirror.

What camera(s) do you use for your blog photography?
  • I mainly use my Canon EOS Rebel T3 camera since this is only my camera as of now. Sometimes I use my phone camera, Samsung Galaxy Pocket, at times when I am shooting my makeup work since it is easier for me to shoot selca (self-portrait photos) with a phone. 
What type of lighting do you use? Natural light, indoor light, studio lamps, etc.?
  • I mainly use natural light since my photos comes out good when I use it. Sometimes I use my study lamp if I shoot in the evening. It's not the best but it is still usable. 
Do you use a lightbox (purchased or diy?)?
  • No. But I am planning to make one for my anime figure photography.  I found some tutorials online and I can't wait to start! 
Do you use a specific background?
  • I mostly use a plain background since it is best for products and such. It does not clutter the photo and when people see it, all eyes will be on the product, no distraction whatsoever. 
What does your photographing setup usually looks like?
  • When I am shooting for my makeup works, I usually set up my mini studio composed of: the camera on the tripod connected via USB cable to the laptop, showing live view feed. This way, I can see and shoot my face and parts of it properly. When shooting products and such, just a camera with the product near a lighted window. 
What is your top photographing tip for a beginner blogger?
  • You don't need a digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera to shoot great photos. Start with a good point-and-shoot-camera and start taking great photos for your readers. Your words deserve it. 
For fun: If you could upgrade your photographing equipment today, what would you buy?
  • I want a prime lens and a strobe set. I think those are the basic equipment a photographer should have. 

My setup. 

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