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Thursday, 6 December 2012

FIRST VLog: Everyday Makeup Kit

Hey guys! At last I mustered all up my courage and made my very first Video Blog. This video is all about what I have in my everyday makeup kit. I usually bring this whenever I go out for classes or running errands and such.

Forgive everything about the video. I am no public speaker nor a video editor. I am still learning this art from the Internet and other video bloggers on youtube.

Constructive comments are very much needed! I want to improve my VLogging skills a lot. :)

I think I am going to film FAQs about my blog next. I hope I can do better next time! 


  1. I say, keep on doing videos. I remember Michelle Phan started out small and the more and more she vlogged, the better she got! :)

    Im actually interested on that unique powder applicator! :)

    1. thank youuu!! I practice and film more videos. I kind of enjoy doing them. :))

  2. Yaaay! Nakakatense noh! Haha Subscribed on your YT :)

    1. super! i was stuttering all the way. Subscribed back! :)

  3. Wow new theme? Or maybe matagal na ako not nagbbloghop. Haha. Congrats on your first Vlog, dear. Keep em coming. ;)


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