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Saturday, 16 February 2013

TEASER: Lords and Lolitas Appreciation Day

Hey guys!!  I know some of you are waiting for this post. Well, can I release a teaser set for now? :)

Get ready for the...

Teaser Banner!! :)

At last the time has come to release the first few photos (behind-the-scenes) from our latest shoot by the Otaku Kazoku club: The Lords and Lolitas Appreciation Day. We organized this shoot to bring out our interpretation and appreciation of the Lolita Fashion as popularized by the Japanese.

So anyway, here's the set of photos taken from that day! Watch out for the final set, guys!

The rising Gin! :)
And I am included here!! 

Shoot at the Butterfly Park!

Our second location! (For the video shoot)

It's called Veggie Planet, a vegetarian's haven located at Pasonanca, Zamboanga City.

Look at the food!! I actually liked them even though I am not a vegetarian. 

And take a look at some of us. We did our best in our ooutfits/getups. :)

So that's it! Hope you'll watch out for the final photos soon! :)


  1. Always admired cosplayers. Pretty costumes. Seemed as if you guys had a lot of fun. :)

  2. Oh my Cee! I love that all-white room. It's a perfect location for a cosplay of L (Deathnote)

  3. Nice outfits! I actually saw some of the photos my sister took :) Excited for the final output!

  4. Saan to banda? near Nor Albertos ba? Hmm i like the GIF! Cute! :)

  5. Cute GIF. (: Can't wait for the final pics.


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