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Friday, 19 April 2013

DIY Drybox for my Camera and Flash

Once in a photography class, our mentor told us not to store our cameras in its bag when not in use. We should take it out if we will not going to use it for a long time.

So after stumbling upon a few photos of lenses with molds in it, I decided to look for DIY Drybox ideas and I found a blog who wrote a simple tutorial on doing a homemade drybox for cameras and camera equipment.

So here's my version of the DIY drybox.

Here are the materials that I used:
This is my tiny silica gel container (with holes).
Hunted all around my house for packets of silica gel. :)

Plastic container in pink, of course.

Bubble wrap

So, how did my DIY Drybox turned out? Scroll down below!
I placed the bubble wrap inside, then the case with the silica gel. 

Voila! My camera and flash fit perfectly!

OMG I love the color of the plastic case. lol

While I was taking shots of the drybox, my pup suddenly sat next to the drybox

Then he took a bite of my drybox as if it's food. LOL
Maybe my pup wants to be a photographer soon!

That's it guys! I hope this will really work as a drybox. Can't afford a real one yet, so I hope this will house my equips nicely.

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