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Thursday, 2 May 2013


Looks like I am going to be a meido after all!! Sheed, our constant helper, supporter and photographer  requested that I should dress as a maid during our upcoming Butlers and Maids - Open Fun Shoot. Well, I was planning to be a full-time photographer that day but I can't ignore our young master's request (We call him that because one friend commented that he looked like a South Korean TV actor. LOL).

Anyway, I have prepared my maid outfit and this is what I have so far.

I borrowed my friend's costume for the shoot. It fitted me perfectly!! Oh, the joy!
I created a simple maid apron to complete the outfit. The apron is kind of one of the requirement to enter the shoot. The butlers and maids should wear monochrome outfits, including the shoes and accessories PLUS an apron. I found a piece of satin fabric here at home and a few meters of lace.

Oh the apron! I am so proud. LOL I can only sew simple pieces just like this, not an entire costume. 
I tried everything on just this morning but I don't have a decent photo to post here. So maybe you guys will have to wait til May 5 to see the entire look. 

Will I look OK as a Japanese maid? Watch out for it! 

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