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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Teaser: Vocaloid Summer

SO after post-processing and uploading the Maids and Butlers set, I think it's time to release a teaser on our summer outing - vocaloid style!

This shoot was planned right after the maids and butlers shoot. We were having dinner at oshi's and this was roughly planned with those who were left behind.

Why not have another group vocaloid shoot in the beach? Everybody should wear beach attires with wigs. That sounded weird but whatever. Everybody was game with the idea.

And so, the time came for our shoot and unexpectedly, it became a beach picnic for everybody! We had lots of food and everybody wore proper beach attires that matched their respective Vocaloid characters. It was an event to remember!

We were trying to imitate a train. LOL

And here is our video for that day. We tried doing a cover of the Popipo dance but we failed! LOL

Watch out for the final photos soon! 

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