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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Making Kanzashis + GIVEAWAY

Hey guys! So this is what I have been doing for the last few days: I have been making Kanzashis for our upcoming Japanese Subculture shoot!

Seven-flower kanzashi for my own use.
Photo from my Instagram Account
Username: @yourstrulycee0217

Kanzashi's are hair ornaments that are worn while wearing traditional Japanese clothes like the Kimono or Yukata. These flowers are made of laces that are folded and glued on together.

My friends and I are planning to do a Jap Subculture shoot that are related to these hair ornaments. So I made a few samples to present to them during our next meeting

I've been making a few accessories for everyday use, like headbands and small hairclips.

Above are the first few Kanzashis that I made.
Photo from my Instagram Account
Username: @yourstrulycee0217
And after a few trials...
Got a hang of the folding and made even more presentable flowers.
Photo from my Instagram Account
Username: @yourstrulycee0217

And so, I made a few of these hair accessories for a Facebook giveaway in collaboration with an online Kanzashi shop!

Kawaii Kanzashi Giveaway 

To join, visit my Facebook page 


1st Prize: 

1 pc Sakura Kanzashi with falls

1 pc Beaded Bracelet 

1 pc Kanzashi Headband

1 pc Violet mini Kanzashi

2nd Prize

1pc Kanzashi chopstick

1pc Beaded Bracelet

1pc Kanzashi Headband

1pc Red Mini Kanzashi

1pc Kanzashi clip

Giveaway will end on August 23, 2013 and is open to Philippine residents only. Winners will be picked via RANDOM.org and will be announced shortly after. 

Hope you guys will join! 


  1. Wow oh wow those are really lovely accessories and I am impressed you made them all on your own! Inviting you to join my paperback giveaway: http://t.co/tLOMUVblFG

    1. I made most of them. Three of these accessories were sponsored by my friend. ^_^

  2. Cee! tutorial on how to make those cute flowery ribbons! Haha by the way I joined your giveaway! :)

    1. Thank you!! You can find video tutorials on these accessories! <3

  3. I really like the accessories, especially the colored ones with white accents. I second what Pat said. :)

    1. The twins? I made those! :)
      They have names, actually. Dhalia and Viola.


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