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Friday, 21 March 2014

TEASER: Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time

Hey guys! Just this afternoon, we had a photo shoot with HaruSuika photographer Sheed and 王國民 Wang Guo Min photography. My friend tagged along as a Harajuku fashion girl. <3

Yours truly dressed up as Princess Bubblegum! This plan was really unexpected and this was not included in my 2014 cosplay list. But I had scraps of pink fabric left so I brought them to my new seamstress and she made it into PB's gown! <3

The shoot was cut short because of the unexpected rain. The photographer decided to schedule another shoot on this cosplay in another day. I hope it won't rain by then.

Special guests during the shoot. :)
Adventure Time!

Complete set of photos to be released soon.
Tune in!

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