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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Baby Photography: Princess Arianna Dominique

Hey guys! So my niece from far away visited our house for an overnight stay! She is this beloved niece who is so witty and hyper. Arianna can make faces and answer simple questions when asked. She is so advanced for a two-year-old.

She loves posing in front of any camera (be it a phone camera, tablet camera or DSLR). Although very hyper, she still listenes to my instructions like asking her to look at me, smile or pout.

My mom had this white dress from and we dressed her up and comb her hair for a nice photo shoot. It was literally breath taking! She ran around the front yard, only posing for a few seconds. It was difficult using my nifty fifty too. The blurring is too great that I can't manage it always. Oh the learning continues!

Yours truly presents:

Princess Arianna Dominique

That certain glow in her eyes is so captivating! Such innocence.

A few lucky shots for me! Hyper kid is hyper! 

Her smile is so contagious! Thank you so much for the fun, Nana!

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