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Monday, 18 August 2014

Shironuri Teaser

Remember my post about an oiran fashion shoot?

Well, it is here! After battling with errands, shop orders and such, I am finally going to edit the photos from that shoot slowly.

To compensate my delay, here's a teaser for that shoot: a group selca photo. :D

TOP L-R: Cee, Sheed
BOTTOM L-R: Aly, Gin and Gail

See? We went all out shironuri that day! We painted our face white and imitated the fashion and style of the Geisha of Japan.

It was our first try on painting our entire face white (except for Aly) so we had a few problems along the way but at least we got through it all. I helped with everybody's makeup especially the eye detailing. We ran out of time to do a full kabuki-inspired makeup so we opted for the exaggerated geisha makeup.

We all wore kimono outfits in our own style instead of following the traditional way of wearing a kimono/yukata. We wanted to add a little 'us' on our outfit to make it more personal. I think each of our getup reflects each of our personality.

It was a fun afternoon to have a photoshoot and it was held in a resort far away from our town.

I will be posting a lot more of this shoot soon. So please do wait for it!

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