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Monday, 13 October 2014


Hey guys!! Remember that I promised to host a giveaway again a few months ago? Well, I wasn't able to organize one these past few months because I got overwhelmed by orders from Fabric Flowers By Cee. I am the only one who produces the accessories for the page so I thought it's best to fulfill orders first.

I have so much to thank for this month. My Facebook page reached 4000 likes. My shop's facebook page is almost reaching its 1000 likes milestone and I am getting regular orders from my customers! Thank you for supporting my cosplay and photography and thank you so much for choosing and trusting my shop for your kimono accessory needs!

To celebrate these blessings, my shop's first anniversary and this blog's 3rd anniversary (and to give back to my lovely customers and readers), I collaborated with other lovely bloggers for a joint giveaway.

10-day giveaway by six lovely bloggers!

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Six  lucky winners will get the following prizes:

To join the giveaway, follow the mechanics in the rafflecopter app below:

Thank you so much for the overwhelming support on both my blog and shop!
I will try to host more giveaways in the future!

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