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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

ZAMBOANGA COSPLAY EVENT UPDATE: Confirmed details released?

Cee as Soah
ATFEST COSPLAY: The last cosplay event I joined
Photo from the ADZU Website
I used this as a header since they haven't release any event poster yet.

According to Ms. Banagudos, the following are confirmed details of the upcoming cosplay event to be hosted by Mindpro Citimall, a local mall in Zamboanga. I have sent a private message to the mall's Facebook account to confirm the said post. Maybe I'll ask the mall's concierge as well for any further details of this cosplay event.

Announcement was made on Ms. Banagudos' Facebook Account
So are you planning to attend the event in cosplay? Who are you planning to go as? Any special preparation for the competition? Talk about it on the comment box!

Fabric Flowers By Cee

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