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About Cee C.

Hello there!
Welcome to my "wonderland".

First of all, let me introduce my self to you:
I am Cee residing in Zamboanga City. I love taking photos and I love dressing up as my favorite characters. I love blogging. In fact, I write otaku-related posts on these sites:


Blogging is one of the things I enjoy doing other than cosplaying. Sharing little things about my self and my experiences might touch somebody's life somewhere out there.

Why I created this blog:
Originally, I created this blog exclusively for cosplay-related updates but recently, I found out that blogging is really a fun thing to do and I wanted to share more of my life by blogging.
I got tired of those social networking sites that limit my freedom in customizing my profile so I turned to blogs which let me do anything I want with any story I post. Photos are best presented by accompanying it with words and blogging let's me do that.

Why naming it "Wonderland"?
The cosplay world is like Alice's Wonderland created by Lewis Carroll; a curious, difficult place to go but when you happen to stumble on it's hole, there is a great chance that you would likely to explore it.

What is 'cosplay'?
It is a form of expressing yourself by portraying famous anime, game or movie character that you love in cosplay-related events like conventions and photo shoots.

My history in cosplaying...
I started cosplaying during the first convention in Zamboanga City and since then, I have joined shoots and mini-events related to cosplay. Sometimes, I create the costumes and props that I wear. I was the one who created my Misa Amane cosplay that won an award in a mini-event and also my weapon in my Gogo Yubari cosplay that also won an award in the second cosplay convention here in Zamboanga City. I have already appeared in a few shows (together with my friends) because of cosplaying. One was in TRIBAMEDIA, the others were in ABS-CBN's Independence Day Event and in MagTV De Aton Este.

As a girl who loves photos...
Well, I love taking photos and my specialty is portrait shots. I do organize cosplay and fun shoots with my friends once in a while. Recent ones were the Open Cosplay Shoot and the Golf Fun Shoot. Watch out for my future blog posts on my other previous shoots soon!

AMBOX Events - ZamPen (Head Coordinator)
Zamboanga Cosplay

Media Apperances
MagTV De Aton Este

Best in Non-scary Costume, O-Bon in October 2011
Viva Special Award - MCTV Movie Mania 2012
Outstanding Student in Basic Digital Photography -Visual Arts Summer Classes 2012
Best in Character Portrayal - Crimsolympics Cosplay Competition - WMSU Palaro 2012
 2nd Place - Christmas Cosplay Competition (Nihon Fure Ai Kai Christmas Party 2012)

Other guesting and appearances:
Kite Festival - #SummerNaZambo2015
ATFest Cosplay 2014
Nihon Fure Ai Kai #CosCon 2014 - Cosplay Judge
MCTV 21st Anniversary Cosplay Guesting
AdZU COSPLAY REPORT: AdZU Cosplay Promotional Ramp
Nihon Fure Ai Kai Club - NSG Convocation X Rukia Kuchiki Cosplay
Nursing Mini-Olympics Opening X Gakupo Matryoshka
MagTV De Aton Este Interview
ABS-CBN Cosplay trip!

Thank you for reading and come back soon! :)

If you don't mind...
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Contact Cee: yourstrulycee(at)gmail(dot)com

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