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Thursday, 22 September 2011


This was my first TV guesting (aheehee). I was not satisfied with one gallery of photos in facebook so, here is the blog post! :D

Pilot episode: Idol ko, gagayahin ko!

Jeff Rodriguez as Takeshi Yamamoto of Reborn!

Raechelle Dawn Ufana as Sakura Kinomoto of Cardcaptor Sakura

Winrisa Torres wearing a gothic lolita (J-Fashion) ensamble

Micah Alconera as Mio Akiyama of K-On!

Cee as Haruhi Suzumiya Gothic Lolita version of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Getting ready for the taping. I took a few photos of the group. THEY ARE SO ADORABLE!!!
We were all cramming so you can see some cosplayers moving around. :p

Mikee and I took places in taking group photos. :)

I think I ruined this shot.

(NOTE: The studio had a bass guitar Mikee can borrow!! YAY!! A substitute Elizabeth!)

Because Elizabeth was soo awsm...

Enjoying each other's company...

Briefing time! The friendly hosts discussed the flow of the show. And after a little chitchat... PICTURE TAKING. LOL.

A few minutes before taping, the group went on posing for silly shots! :)

Mikee! No peeking! The show is about to start! :p

After that, they started the taping! GAH! I was very nervous. >_______< I really did not know what to say and was afraid that words will just slip out of my mouth without thinking!

Mikee was asking me for ideas on how she will pose in-character. And she did really well!! To think that she is a shy person. :)

And... uhh.. I did my best. :)

Sakura-chan kawaii!!

Whin was one fashionable cosplayer. :)

And the cosplayer who was in-character ALL THE TIME... Jeff!

Group photo! We were all in character.

The show went smoothly! Everybody nailed every question thrown to them. I barely answered well! Good thing nothing out of the norm slipped out of my mouth. :p
Whin was the best in answering questions... not taking any moment to think. Clearly she was one cosplayer with experience. Glad I made it through.


Mio-chan! You left Elizabeth!! :)

Last few shots before changing our clothes...

Overall, it was a nice experience. The TRIBAMEDIA staff was very nice to us. The hosts were fun to talk with. We would like to thank our family friends for supporting us in our hobby, the members of our beloved ZANEC and of course, TRIBAMEDIA for inviting us. Thank you so much!

TRIBAMEDIA SITE: http://tribamedia.com/

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