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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Cosplay plans that I might not be able to fulfill PART1

                So yeah, I got some nerve to dream on cosplaying the following characters. But WTH cosplaying is all about fun. And I really love these characters that I am about to show you. Some of the reasons why I can’t pull it off are the costume problems, gender problems and characterization. Sometimes, I can’t act out the character properly and ended up being foolish and out of character. Just like what I did with Ichigo. Up until now, I am still practising his glare and facial expression. It’s a challenge and I love it!
                So, here are the characters that belong to the “impossible dreams” section. Enjoy!

Kou Shuurei - Saiunkoku Monogatari
The story was sooo cheesy! Still Shuurei is on my list for I am a fan of anime set in old Japan.
Why not? Well, if I will cosplay this character, I might need to order her costume online (which is very costly for a jobless person like me). This costume looks really complicated and my seamstress might not be able to do it. Her hair is also a bit complicated too. I need to create it from scratch and I still have not found any tutorials on the Internet. My hair is not that long too and I think a wig might not be able to stand the headdress and this much styling. 

Lelouch vi Britannia - Emperor Lelouch 
Code Geass R2
I love this guy and this was one of the most complicated costume he wore. I want to feel a little bit regal while once in a while. 
Why not? It's not that complicated but money matters (LOL). I think I need to save up for this cosplay. It might cost me about five times than the usual price of my previous costumes. It's a little bit difficult since I am a still a student and I got no job right now. 

Mari Makinami - Neon Genesis Evangelion 2.0
Why not? I am still on the search for the right fabric and a skilled seamstress to make this costume. My mom advised me not to rush things because it might just come out not as good as it can be. My mom is just very supportive of my hobby.

Cloud Strife – Final Fantasy Advent Children
Yes, I really do want to cosplay this oh-so-awesome, drop dead gorgeous, mouth watering FICTIONAL CHARACTER!
Why not?
I googled "Cloud Strife cosplay" and Kaname-sama's face flashed all over the screen. BOOM! Dreams broken. Those flashy moves he did on "Advent Children" will STAY on the screen. Oh well. Where will i get those biceps anyway?

Well, that's it for now! Will post the second part soon. And I might post my real plans for 2012. I have written it like a few weeks ago for the first half of 2012! (So I guess I am really excited!)

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