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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Cosplay plans that I might not be able to fulfill PART2

                This is a continuation of my previous post. These plans are unlikely to happen for some reasons stated below every photo. 

McMiku? :)

                 Okay, so this is, for me, the most interesting version of Miku Hatsune of Vocaloid 2. In this photo, she actually looks like an offspring of McDonald. LOL. I have always wanted to cosplay Miku and what more to do my first is to cosplay a unique version? :)
Why not? Actually, I can pull this cosplay off. But I got a list on who to cosplay and this one is in the bottom. 

Coyote Starrk - Bleach

                  Okay. Coyote Starrk is my favorite Espada. He is like the coolest Espada ever made! *Fanscream

                  It is because of him why I am into characters with two guns. And my first OOC was inspired by him - Mutsuhiko Saito

Why not?

                  Well, first of all, I think he is too great and I guess I won't be able to "play" that part well. Maybe I will do this if I gain more confidence. (And I need to watch the whole arrancar arc. LOL)

Yoko - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

                  So yeah, I think looking at this photo gives you the reason why I cannot pull this cosplay off. wig is not a problem, costume and the weapon too. But yeah, I don't have that smexy body.

Well I might write about my REAL cosplans (Characters I will cosplay). Maybe next year? Got a few posts to write before that one. :)

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