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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Cee on online shopping for cosplay wigs.

Hello there! Been laying low and not posting for a while. I was pretty busy with school work and only this time that I got a breather from all of those. So here's a post on how my latest wig order turned out (and a little about wig shopping and choosing your cosplay wig).

So my next cosplan is Lelouch! (YAAY! Been planning on doing Lelouch for quite some time and that Code Geass photoshoot that my friend came up with gave me the chance to actually start preparing!)
Lelouch of Code Geass

We actually planned to do the plug suit version but we decided to do the uniform version first to see if we look good in our chosen characters. I was chosen to be Lelouch and I was totally happy. I have always wanted to be C.C. but I am more comfortable crossplaying nowadays and Lelouch is the male character of Code Geass that I can really connect to.

So back on our wig ordering.
I started to go wig hunting online to look for a proper shop that sells a Lelouch wig. Of course I considered buying a heat resistant wig, with Japanese Kanekalon fibers so that it will last long for future use. I had a good experience wearing a high quality wig and it is really worth your money than buying a cheap wig which will eventually have cancer that will lead to a balding wig cap. I browsed the wig shop where I usually order but judging the activity on her shop's account, it looked like it was in hiatus so I turned to those shops that my friends had good transactions with and browsed their albums. At last I found one that sells an on hand Lelouch wig. (I'll write an article on wigs in the future). My friend had a costume made from this shop and had a good experience transacting with the shop owner so I gave it a try. The wig brand was Lucaille and the styling was almost like Lelouch's hair so I thought it was a pretty good deal. Plus the wig comes with a free wig cap and shipping was free so, yay!

BTW: ON HAND? LUCAILLE? You don't know these words? Don't worry! I'll write a blog post on wigs in the near future so watch out!

This is the photo of the wig in one of the shop's albums:

Lucaille wig available on that shop.
So after transacting with the owner, payment was settled on the next day and the wig was expected to arrive the following day.

THE WIG ARRIVED and I was pretty much excited in doing a wig trial that night but when I opened the package, a different wig was inside (or so I think).

The wig had full bangs and was not similar to the product photo. My friends commented (on the photo that I took wearing the wig) that it looked like Rukia's (of Bleach) wig. I don't know. Maybe the actual product does not look exactly the same as the photo. ~Sigh
How discouraging.

What really blew me off is the wig cap that comes free with the order. My mind went "WTF?!" when this was with the package, instead of a wig cap:

Because of these errors, I sent a message to the shop, saying that they sent me the wrong wig and I received a netted-hand-glove instead of a wig cap. The shop owner explained that it was his/her sibling's fault and he told me to have an online chat with this sibling regarding my order. It sounded suspicious because the day before, this shop owner said that HE/SHE shipped the item. HE/SHE said that he/she brought the item with him/her to his/her office and shipped it after confirming my payment thru bank deposit. Now he/she is blaming his/her sibling because of the error.

...offered to change the wig that I had to the right one.
Then when I went online and messaged this shop's account, the sibling apparently admitted his/her mistake and was willing to take photos of their on hand wigs to let me choose what I want. I asked them how many Lelouch wigs they have there to make such mistake (and considering this wig was not part of a batch order). The person on the other side of the conversation explained that they have lots of wigs there and offered to change the wig that I had to the "right one". They will shoulder the shipping of the wig to their place and shipping of the proper wig to me.

Yes I did not. I did not want to get into another transaction with them. I was afraid that they might send the wrong wig again or never send anything at all. So I just told them that and ended the conversation with a 'thank you'.

It will happen to any person, to any online shop... so I won't mention the name of the shop. It could happen to an online shop you just discovered or to a shop that you trust. So be ready with these kinds of things.

Yes, I know it is the right thing to do after something like this happens to you. You should do it if ever you will be in the same situation. BUT AS FOR ME, I chose to keep the wig. As what I have said earlier, I was just making sure that I have a wig at the end of the day.

Follow me!

~It was a stressful day and that wig was my saving grace but it turned out to be THE MOST STRESSFUL MOMENT OF THE YEAR for me.  Oh well. I hope if this will happen to me again (I AM NOT WISHING IT!) I hope I'll be in a better mood to deal with it.

`~If you had trouble understanding a few things in this post, stay tuned for my next info post. It will be all about wigs! 

~Thank you for reading and have a good day!

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