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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Open Cosplay Photoshoot Day 1

These photos were taken last February 19, 2012 during the Open Cosplay Photoshoot organized by my good friend and assisted by yours truly. (Although I was not a big help :p)

It was  supposed to be an exclusive photoshoot with Tekken characters but then an idea came up and I suggested it to be an open shoot where everybody can dress up any character they like. I expected a handful of cosplayers will show up but a lot of people contacted us, asking to be a part of it. After so many adjustments, scheduling and online meetings, we decided to ask for help from other photographers. Gladly, a team volunteered to be a part of it and all went well on the day of the shoot.

What happened on that day?
I'll tell you what happened on the first and second day then the final shots. I was one of the photographers of the second day so I got to practice a lot with nice cosplayers.

I was Ichigo Kurosaki on the first day and part Misa Amane on the second. :D

Here I am with Light Yagami.
Okay so I lead all the foolishness on the first day. LOL. Here's a few shots behind the shoot.

This sexy girl beside me (her back IS SEXY) is Lara. She is so nice, she gave me a  Death Note for my birthday.

Bea and Jet. Jet here saved us when we got lost. :D

With my partner in crime doing foolish poses. Meet Bernice!

I don't know what we're talking about but I love this shot. I call it "The Wig Family".

Prep time! I was combing Ciara's wig when Ate V took a shot of us. Ninja Ichigo blending in with the shirt? :)

All jokes aside, here are the final shots of the first day of the shoot. I can only post my Ichigo photos here. For the other shots, click here.

Series: Bleach
Ichigo: Cee
Inoue: Nouf
Photo by: Timothy Miranda

FINALLY! I got to be Ichigo Kurosaki of Bleach. The wig was bought about a year ago, never knowing when I will actually cosplay the character. The sword was made by my dad. I showed him a photo of it and VOILA! He made it in about a week. Then I had the Bankai costume made for a cosplay event last December but sadly it was not pushed through. When I was actually giving up on cosplaying him, my friend came up with this cosplay shoot. Since it was not a themed shoot, I decided to go as Kurosaki-kun. :)

It was fun that day. Especially when my friends threw a surprise party for me for my birthday. Yaay! Imagine Ichigo in a party hat. (Nevermind, here's a photo of it. :D)

Jev asTsunayoshi and Cee as Ichigo
Well, it was nice seeing a few familiar faces and meeting new ones as well. Widening our cosplay friends circle!

Yeah, I know how to destroy a photo. Take the last one as an example. :D

Follow me!

~Last one for now. Watch out for day two next time!
~Thank you for reading!

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