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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Lelouch Lamperouge Cosplay Teaser

Update update on my newest costume: Lelouch Lamperouge in Ashford Academy uniform! This one is for a supposed shoot but due to some circumstances, I was the only one who prepared for it in the end. I was disappointed about it but when I look at the bright side, I have a cosplay waiting for any shoot or event in the future.

Lelouch Lamperouge
I decided to go for the Ashford Uniform because I wanted to see if the character suits me well or not. Turns out it was fun to piece up the cosplay even though I had a few problems during it's progress. (Link to the :Lelouch's wig ordering problem)

Fabric and photo reference for the seamstress. It's important to print out a large photo of the costume in all the angles especially if the seamstress that you hired does not have any knowledge in anime or cosplaying. I suggest that you should consult the seamstress first and talk about the costume and the appropriate fabric measurements for your size.

Yeah I admit I can't sew the costume myself because I don't have any knowledge to do it. And I just got the finished product just this afternoon and here's what it looks like:

Tadaa! Ain't it awesome? I was kind of excited to wear the wig with it then take a good teaser shot but laziness got the best of me so please please bear with the 'peace yow' teaser photo. :)

Will update you guys more on this cosplay. This one is becoming my favorite next to the Ichigo cosplay. :)

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