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Sunday, 6 May 2012

MCTV MOVIE MANIA 2012 Report (Part 3 of 3 - Day Two)

Yaay! Awards Night! 
See the top photo? Yeah, I won an award! Yaay! Never expected that coming. I just wore a simple costume. I wished I had a video of it so that I can post it here. Too bad.
Maybe the judges liked the manriki-swinging freak. :D
Anyway, enough of it. Here are my some photos of the event held last February 4, 2012 at Mindpro Citimall Cinema 1.

Photos photos!
There were a couple of kawaii cosplayers on day two. Kiddies dressed up as Gaara and Sasuke!

We were asked to do our catwalk again, a short version of it. While waiting for our turn, we had fun taking some funny photos. :)

Baby Sasuke
Baby Gaara

I was soooo out-of-character on that day! I cannot stop myself. It was so much fun!

I took photos of my friends. Here's Jeff winning an award. :)

With Trix as Soi Fon of Bleach
Jeff with the rest of the winners of the Anime Movie category.

Azumi with some of the cosplayers. :) Azumi, my best fried, cosplayed Baby Doll of Sucker Punch.

Azumi with Cloud, Zack and Hisagi
Azumi with Neytiri of Avatar
Azumi and Nikki Bacolod, a local actress.

Now it's my turn! Mom was with me on the second day and she took these photos. :)

Me with my girls and Anime Category winner: Randy
With Cloud cosplayers
Gogo (Me) won a special award. Yaaay! (far LEFT)
Me with Baby Gaara! 
Now with Neytiri!
With Tifa Lockhart

Thank you to Viva Cinema and other sponsors!
My loot bag contained a lot of DVDs and thingamajiggies. I like the plaque very much. 

Awesome cosplay event! Even better than the previous cosplay event in Zamboanga. Thank you to MCTV!

(Links: Part One, Part Two)

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