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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Wigs in Cosplay

The wig essential in cosplay because it completes the portrayal of the character. Without the wig (since most of the characters have out-of-this-world hair color and style) some fans may not recognize the character being cospalyed. A wig can make or break a cosplay too so choosing the right wig is important too.

Some characters can be cosplayed using your own hair. Take for example this trial I made a few months ago:

Mari Makinami of Neon Genesis Evangelion 2.0
Styling your hair must be done in order to look closer to the character.

Some of my wigs...
Some of my wigs are made of kanekalon fiber. These wigs are durable and heat resistant so it can be styled in anyway you want using correct methods. Most of the cosplay wigs are made of kanekalon especially those that are sold online. Some brands like the Lucaille, Grand Yound and Fantasy Sheep offers a lot of styles of wigs in different prices. Of course Kanekalon wigs cost more than those synthetic wigs because of the quality.

My wig here is from Lucaille

Synthetic wigs are those shiny wigs in lower prices. Some of these wigs are easily damaged and are not heat resistant. So styling it may result to breakage of the fibers.

Low quality wig
The blonde wig above is cheaper than the Gakupo wig but its quality is also low. Styling it results to breakage of the fibers. This particular wig (which was bought from a local store) cannot be easily combed since the strands come off easily. One should take extra care in handling this kind of wig.

The other type of wig brand that I own is Meilifang.

Meilifang wig for Ichigo cosplay
This wig is also made of kanekalon fiber and is easily styled even without using any hair products. This is also an advantage in buying kanekalon wigs. You can order one that is already styled since most of the manufacturers of this kind of wigs offers pre-styled wigs. So minimal styling is needed before wearing it for a cosplay.

I need a wig for cosplay. Where should I buy one?
Online shopping is one of the ways in buying a wig since most branded wigs are only available online. Ebay is a good place to find kanekalon wigs that are already styled. Facebook online shopping is also a choice in buying wigs but be extra careful because we can never be sure of the legitimacy of the shops since they do not use Paypal in accepting payment for orders. 

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