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Friday, 29 June 2012

Culminating Activity and Exhibit for ADZU Summer Arts Classes 2012

Well, this is a very late blog post but I will still write it anyway. LOL
I received a camera for Christmas last year and to fully utilize the its features and perks, my mom let me enroll in ADZU's photography class last summer. She paid for my tuition fee too so I was lucky!

So after five fun sessions, the classes ended with a culminating program and an art exhibit in The Gallery of the Peninsula and Archipelago - ADZU, Zamboanga City. My mom and some of my friends were present during the program to support me. Plus I received a special medal for my outstanding performance in my classes. Yaaay!  I was not expecting that one! 

That's my photo! From that open cosplay shoot we did last May. 

Below is the actual photo:

All ambient light. :) She's cosplaying Rin Kagamine of Vocaloid. (Vocaloid? Click this to learn more.)

Another photo by yous truly. This time, it's a bokeh photo (my favorite one) that I captured using rice lights.

Actual photo below:

I created a heart-shaped bokeh after I captured this one. Maybe I'll post it here soon. :)

Here are some artworks that caught my 'otaku' eye. I was happy that day because I saw a few Vocaloid-inspired artworks from other students (and I was not the only Vocaloid fan there). Vocaloid characters, famous worldwide especially in Japan, have reached Zamboanga City!

It's SeeU from Vocaloid! These artworks are drawn by one of the students in drawing class.

That drawing on the right is Miku, another Vocaloid! Another one from another student in drawing class.

Above: It's Rin and Luka! Below: Miku and a random anime girl (I think).

Marigin, my friend and the cosplayer of Rin arrived. I made her pose beside that Rin Kagamine drawing just for fun. She gladly obliged.

Then I asked her to pose near the cosplay photo. Well, I was really happy of my exhibit materials.
The director of the Gallery, Miss Tricia Manulong, commented that she did not look like the one in the photo. Well, cosplaying is somewhat like that. Cosplayers should look more like the character being cosplayed and less than their real self. But of course this will only last until the event or shoot will end. :)
So based from her comment, Marigin did an awesome job of cosplaying Rin. :)

NOTE: Okay so I am not really a fan of my photos, LEWL. But for this post, maybe I'll include the photo that was also displayed during the exhibit/culminating activity

Small. I know. Deal with it. LOL.

Aww, my medal for being an outstanding student in Basic Digital Photography. But still, I need to learn a lot of things for me to be an outstanding photographer someday.

Cosplayer: Marigin Fidel
Photography Class Mentor: Frederick de Leon

Monday, 25 June 2012

Yvette Carl Fun Shoot

Fun shoot for a friend in her house. Well, I shot these photos on her front yard. I can't get enough of portrait shots. Well, it's kind of the only thing I am good at for now.





Sunday, 24 June 2012

Open Cosplay Photoshoot Final Set

Well, these are my photos of the Open Cosplay Photoshoot Day 2 that we organized. Enjoy! :)
<Image heavy post so watch out!>

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Open Cosplay Shoot Day 2

Location: Pasonanca, Zamboanga City Philippines

Thursday, 21 June 2012

God Eater Burst Cosplay

God Eater cosplay

I was more of an assistant here than a photographer. Well, I didn't mind that. I helped out Glenn and his team on this shoot and got a few shots for myself.

Cosplayers: Jev and Tyrone
Game: God Eater Burst
Location: Convention Center - Pasonanca, Paseo del Mar - Zamboanga City

God Eater Burst Soma 3

God Eater Burst Soma 2

God Eater Burst Soma 1

God Eater cosplay

God Eater cosplay

God Eater cosplay

Monday, 18 June 2012

Couple Cosplay Shoot - Vocaloid

I was invited by a local photographer for a couple cosplay shoot last March 31, 2012 in Lantaka Hotel by the Sea. It was actually a fun shoot rather than a serious one because everybody kept on throwing funny jokes including the photographer himself.

My partner and I cosplayed the Vocaloid characters Gakupo Kamui and Luka Megurine respectively. Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer. It is neither a manga or an anime. 

I created the headphones that were used during the shoot. This is the actual photo of the headphones. The purple one was for Luka and the other pair was created for a friend.

I used plastic folders, styro, black cartolinas, and headbands for creating these headphones. 

Gakupo is the purple-haired male character and Luka is the pink-haired character. Yes I was the male character that day. Crossplaying is like a branch in cosplay where cosplayers dress up and portray a character of the opposite sex. I love crossplaying and I did crossplay a few times already. 
Anyway, for the photos...
Photographer: Glenn Marco San Agustin
Luka Megurine: JC Domingo
Gakupo Kamui: Cee Culanculan
Location: Lantaka Hotel by the Sea, Zamboanga City
For the whole album, click here.

Thank you Glenn for inviting us! I got the chance to cosplay my favorite Vocaloid that day with an awesome awesome Luka as a partner. My friends commented that I really looked like a man on these photos. Crossplaying is a success!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

ABS-CBN Cosplay trip!

So one night my friend sent me a text message inviting cosplayers to this event in ABSCBN on June 12. I really did not have any idea what the event was all about but I still agreed to go. I did not have anything to do on that holiday and I can never say no to cosplaying. So yeah. :)

Turns out, it was ABS-CBN's Independence Day celebration. Whoopsie! Our coordinator for that day was very nice and helpful. She oriented us on what to do that day: we were asked to dance and pose for photo-taking sessions.

So what happened that day? Let's take a walk...

This one on the left is Nouf, cosplaying Mikuru Asahina of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. The other girl is Princess, dressed up as Sophia of Star Ocean. Princess was the one who invited us to this event. 

This little piggy was soo adorable...

...I asked a friend to take a photo of us with him! So yeah, that's me in the middle cosplaying Haruhi Suzumiya, gothic lolita version from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Uh-oh, There are a lot of people present!! This made me kind of nervous that time because our dance number was up next. >_<

The four of us danced the Hare Hare Yukai because all of us were familiar with the steps. I don't really dance or perform in public but since the staff of ABS-CBN asked us to do a number for the program and I was sure only a few people will be watching it, I joined my friends.

Thank goodness we made it through! Haha!

IMG_9233 IMG_9235 IMG_9236 IMG_9237 IMG_9238 IMG_9239
They were filming it! I thought they were doing it for documentation purposes but later that day, I found out that they aired our dance number on local TV! OERGOERDZ

So yeah, we were laughing and dancing at the same time. But at least we were doing it properly... (well, almost!)

It was a fun event. There were mini-games where some of us joined and won! 

We did not do anything a lot after that so we went inside the ABS-CBN office and waited for further instructions. While doing that, I asked my friend Nouf to pose for my camera. I wanted to try some new photography techniques that I have learned from my photography classes. I'll post the final set of that mini shoot soon so watch out for it!



Kawaii Mikuru-chan! Nouf did an excellent job in front of the camera. She listened to all of my instructions and portrayed the character well. Thumbs up!

Cosplaying is a form of self-expression. We have the freedom to express ourselves through dressing up as our favorite characters. Independence Day is about the word FREEDOM. So I guess cosplaying on that mini-event is a little bit appropriate in some ways.

I want to thank the ABS-CBN staff for letting us cosplay that day. :)

Hello Zamboanga! Cosplayers exist here!

Please do leave a nice comment, okay? :)

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