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Sunday, 10 June 2012

My Birthday Post!

This is a very late birthday post. Oh well. :D
I felt so loved on my birthday! A lot of my friends remembered my day and some of them threw me a surprise party! Awww :">

My unique advance birthday date with Azumi 
Feb 10, 2012 - It was an advance birthday date so I requested that we would dress up as animals and raid the malls. People were staring at us, laughing hard and making animal sounds. LOL It was epic to see those faces. Someone actually gave us a frown. I was like "did we rob your house to deserve that face?" Well anyway, Mom said we should do costripping often so that the people in Zamboanga will get used to us cosplayers.

This is Azumi, my friend and cosplay buddy. You might remember her from my previous posts. She was Misa Amane in the OtakuFest 2011 and Baby Doll in the MovieMania2012.
Dressing up! We were a little hesitant to go out that time. We were like  "Are you ready for this?" to each other. :D

Played some games in the mall.

Cee ze Frog and Azume ze Tigress~
Here's a photo of us in one of the malls. A group of girls were talking about us and we kind of overheard them. They thought Azumi was a Korean tourist. LOL! I immediately and pretended to be Azumi's tour guide. Azumi, on the other hand, took my cue and pretended to be a foreigner too! We were laughing so hard after we were out of earshot.

Peace sign yow!
We really did not planned that day. We tried the cinema but they were showing some lame films that were not really worth our time so we went to the foodcourt to grab something to eat.

Pear shakes! Yum!
It was really a fun day! Made a lot of fun memories to treasure. She's now in Michigan so this was my last birthday celebration with her. We became real friends when I invited her to my last year's birthday party. See how bonds form even for a short time.

Touched by a belated birthday surprise...
I never really shout out to the world the day of my birthday. I'd like to keep it secret. <Teehee>. Only a few friends knew about it and they were sweet enough to throw me a cute party. :">

So sorry I did not have photos of the time when they surprised me with a cake and a huge birthday poster and party hats coz the photographers were still shooting us and none of my friends were not able to record it. :((

But here's a photo of me and Jev after the surprise. See what I mean about the party hat? ;)

Yeah, it's small. BEAR WITH IT! My face looks horrible here. :D
Soooo, I made my besties stay til the end of the shoot (what shoot is this? here). We went to a fast food chain to eat (coz we were like so hungry and the shoot was very much tiring and to celebrate my birthday. touched :">)

Here's a photo of some of the people responsible for my mini-birthday bash. It was so sweet of them to do so!!

Rey, Martin, Regine and Gail
Regine Gail and Jiv - Thank you guuys for taking time to prepare for this whole birthday thing! I so love you guys. *hugsXkisses*

Pink cake! How manly. :3
PS: Lotsa love received that day. Woohoo!!

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