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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Welcome to My World!


Hey there! Since I am sick and tired of other social networking sites that gives out bad vibes (I mean it!) I am going to focus more on blogging about my life in this site. Well, I will keep on writing about cosplay here but now I will include what's happening to me, my shoots and all. <No annoying things, really. ;)>

I placed a link up (find it among 'Home', 'Cee', etc) for the tag COSPLAY if you stumbled upon this site looking for cosplay-related posts.

What made me decide about this? 
Well, I found this really interesting blog and the owner blogs about her life and it was still fun to read (well I always thought a blog about everything that's happening in your life is FREAKINGLY ANNOYING). And about social networks... Yeah. I mean they are oh-so mainstream and everything is just so the same, it's sickening! I find it weird looking at photos and posts about evil rants, attention-seekers and all those bad vibes. I don't want anything like that lurking in my head. <stay away, evil clouds!>

So yeah. I hope you guys won't be annoyed on my posts. I'll try to write nice things and I WILL STAY AWAY FROM BAD VIBES AND EVIL THOUGHTS. *tongue out*

I will blog about my latest non-cosplay related shoots here as well so watch out for it!

Thank you for reading and welcome to my site!

I don't know what this GIF means. LOL.

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