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Sunday, 22 July 2012

First Meetup with Zamboanga Bloggers

So I joined a group a few weeks ago to learn more about blogging and to meet other bloggers based in Zamboanga since I don't have any blogging friends and I wanted to learn more about this hobby, the perks and pros of writing online.

The meetup was organized by Janna and Rhea and a few members showed up and shared a thing or two about their blogs. ^_^
Janna explained a few things on how to start blogging, what to do and what not to do when blogging and other perks like how to earn by blogging. They were nice enough to listen when I shared about how me and my friends cosplay here in Zamboanga. Their questions on where we get our costumes and where we usually cosplay gave me a new idea to blog about. ^_^

My seatmate for that afternoon, Patricia! Here she is, showing off a piece of candy Janna gave us. Yum! 

This is Patsy. She's an anime lover. *yay* We had a little chat about a few anime series like one of my new faves, Kimi ni Todoke. She shot some funny remarks during the lecture which made it more enjoyable.

The meetup ended with a mini shoot...


A photo of all of us present during that meetup.
Sitting L-R: Rhea, Kai, Nelka and Natasha. Standing: Cee, Patricia, Shine, Janna, Patsy and Ropa Jane.

I am looking forward to the next meetup. Hope to meet a lot more bloggers and even a cosplay blogger! 

Won a raffle giveaway from Kai!

A bottle of perfume and an ELF lip gloss. Mom liked the perfume so much she asked if she can have it. Better get a bottle of this perfume for me next time!

PS: I am going to write a separate post for my portrait and lookbook shots of the girls. Look forward to that! For now, here's a teaser: 

Her name is Shine.


  1. cool pics sayang hnd ako nakapunta. :)


  2. Can't wait for the photos.. I enjoyed the meet up.. it was nice to meet you Cee ;)

  3. hello, followed you from Blogaholic Social Network (BSN).. Please follow me back??

    Btw. I'm from Zamboanga City as well.. Nice to know that you exist! ha ha man follow back ha? grassy ass! (Gracias) :)

  4. Cant wait for the photos, Cee! :> I love what you did to your blog! It's fresh! Nice meeting you as well. Hihi :) Glad you and your mom loved the perfume!


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