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Friday, 27 July 2012

Make your own PLUGY - Earphone Jack Accessory

I saw this photo online of a cute cat plug on an iPhone's earphone jack. I browsed for it on the web and found out that these cute accessories that comes in different character designs, usually called PLUGY, prevent dirt and dust from getting into the earphone slot. I have not seen a store here in Zamboanga that sells these cute plugs so I decided to make my own out of a few things found in my room. 

Materials needed:

  • gule gun
  • pencil topper/decor (I don't know what  it is called. Gomen!)
  • old earphones (That you won't use anymore. Trust me. Use something that's not working.)
  • A sharp pair of scissors
Another topper I own. These things were famous back then when I was in grade school. :)
The pencil topper I chose.

I used this old pencil topper that I found on my desk. It's that decor kids put on top of a pencil. :)

I used my old earphones for this plugy. My dog made it a chew toy one night so it's pretty much useless now.

REMINDER! Make sure the earphones will fit in your phone's jack. 

Let's make the plugy!

First thing you do is to plug on your glue gun because it will take time to heat up. It will be ready once you are done with these following steps.

Cut the jack from the earphones using the scissors. Careful with this step! It's a little bit hard to cut it off.

Glue on the tip of the jack so that it won't fall off when you insert it on the pencil topper.

Insert the jack with the glue in the pencil topper. Push it all the way until only the metal jack can be seen outside.

Now your done! Go on and plug your jack accessory on your phone and brag it to your friends!

Easy, eh?


  1. Hi Cee! That is so cute. Been wanting to DIY my own plugy too :) Still looking for a cute accessory..

  2. so lucky i found this blog..thank you for sharing your ideas..i'm excited to make my own plugy!

  3. Thanks for posting this useful information about erarphone jacks.


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