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Saturday, 21 July 2012

PhotoWonder Phone App

Hey guys! So I just wanna share this awesome photo editing app I downloaded few days ago. It's PHOTOWONDER and it is available on both android phones and iPhones.

I found out about this app from another blogger (So sorry if I cannot link her up here. I actually forgot her blog address!) and tried looking for it on the apps market through my android phone.

What I love about this app is cute filters and lomo effects. It gives each photo I edit a little bit of dreamy effect.

The menus and options are so easy to understand, it did not take me a lot of time to know how to use it. So much win!

So yeah. Here are some before-after photos processed using this awesome kawaii app.


After using the beautify mode - better skin, glare effect and adding a frame:
I love the glare effect on this photo. It reminded me of that kind-of retro video of Katy Perry's Teenage Dream.


After using beautify mode - better skin, autumn effect and a film frame:

I love how the 'beautify mode - better skin' works! It gives the skin a little glow and makes it look like it's blemish free in just one option. 

This app allows you to edit your photos without the need of transferring it to your computer. You can immediately upload and share the photo online after you're done with the editing. Kind of cool, eh?

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