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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Anime Review: Kimi ni Todoke

So I think this is a new topic for my blog, the ANIME REVIEW! I want to share a few things about the anime I have finished watching to help you guys in choosing the right anime to watch for your taste.

First one, KIMI NI TODOKE!

This is the cutest Kimi ni Todoke cosplay photo I found on the web!
Click on the photo for the source. :)
Sawako is a misunderstood girl in her class. She was always avoided by her classmates because of her creepy appearance and rumors of being cursed when getting close to her. Her classmates often called her Sadako from the movie The Ring because of her slight resemblance to the character. Despite that, she always tried making friends to the best of her abilities. Then, all of this started to change when when Kazehaya, a popular guy in her school, started talking to her and making friends with her.

A screen shot of the anime from the first episode.
What attracted me to this anime is the unique creation of the characters. I like the way their eyes and bodies were drawn like it was so close to reality. No crazy-long bodies, no out-of-this-world hair style and color. And no ugly characters. Everybody was good-looking, even the antagonists!

Additional Info:
Season One: 25 episodes
Season Two: 12 episodes
Movie: Kimi ni Todoke Live Action

For more screen shots of the anime, visit my photo blog! (WARNING: SPOILERS!)

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