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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Featured Cosplayer: Lara Florentes

My first cosplayer feature in this blog! Yeah, I've been adding new topics on this blog like this cosplayer feature and the 'anime review' posts.

I am particularly focusing on Zamboanga-based cosplayers to promote the growing cosplay community of our little town. It may be a small group, but we do hella good cosplays here!

Presenting Lara: Cosplaying since January, 2012

Lara is one of the two best Misa Amane cosplayers I know (The other one is Azumi). She nailed our beloved Misa-Misa from the live action movie of Death Note. With her gorgeous smile and mysterious eyes, no wonder she's also a model here in Zamboanga. 

As Misa Amane of Death Note Live Action Movie
Photo by Timothy Miranda
"What is cosplay for me? It is an addictive hobby where you get to dress up as your favorite anime character and play/act like you are your favorite character "
as Misa Amane of Death Note Live Action Movie
Photo by Timothy Miranda

She learned all about cosplay years back when she was fourteen years old. She made her debut on the second cosplay event here, the MCTV Movie Mania, cosplaying as Misa Amane from the live action movie. 
"Because of cosplay, I met lots of people who later on became my friends."

As Lucy Heartfilia of Fairy Tail
Photo by Glenn San Agustin

Lara looks up to these three cosplay idols: cosplay queen Alodia Gosiengfiao and Saya and Kaname of Japan.

When asked about her future plans, she said that she'll keep it a secret because she wants to surprise everybody on her next cosplay. We'll definitely watch out for that, Lar!

Photo by Kai Ra
Her message for other cosplayers out there:
Dream big, start small. Make friends and not foes. But never get too much to you. Limit yourselves and take control of reality. kiotsukette!

Name: Lara Eloise C. Florentes
Age: 17
Facebook Profile: Link
Lara was also present during the Open Cosplay Photoshoot last February. :)

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  1. To Lara and you, great cosplay and keep up the good work 8D

    Havent seen may cosplaying blogs around and its good to see one ^_^ Your brings back good memories...

    Never know maybe one day we will bump into one another at a convention 8D




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