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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Money well spent: Perona figure and Contact Lenses!

Been inactive because of my hospital duty. I have been assigned in the operating room from 3pm to 11pm for the past two days now. In the morning, I prepare what I need for the shift and when I get home, I just slump to my bed and sleep. LOL.

Anyway, yesterday I received  two things I splurged my one week allowance into. I was not actually expecting both to come at the same time, but yeah. :D

A pair of Peronas...
First is a pair of chibi figures of Perona!

Remember Lara from my previous post? Well, she bought a set of three chibi figs from Manila and she sold these two to me since she only wanted to keep one.

I really love Perona! I want to take photos of these babies like the one I did on my other Perona fig. Maybe this time, I'll have the time to build a proper studio for this shoot!

A package from GWYSHOP!
So here's a photo of the package that arrived at my mom's office.

Yeah, about that. I always have my packages sent to my mom's office because most of the time, nobody's home to receive it. 

The package contains two pairs of lenses from GWYSHOP! :) I have not opened it yet because I am planning to write a review on the lenses. I want to cover everything, from the packaging and all. Presentation counts, right? 

I bought them for 499php only, free shipping! It's a new line of contact lenses from the shop, with one year life span and 14.8mm in diameter. One pair is purple, for my Lelouch cosplay and the other is gray - for that Sayuri of Memoirs of a Geisha makeup experiment.

Oh yeah, the free shipping promo only applies when you shop worth of 400php from the GWYSHOP MULTIPLY ACCOUNT. What are you waiting for? :)

I was glad to find both pairs in one shop. Plus the awesome promo is awesome! I hope I can find extra time very soon to write the lens review. Can't wait! 

Thank you Gwyshop for the awesome transaction! 


  1. woow..this is cool Cee!! :) buti at free shipping sakanila.. niiicee :D can't wait to see you wear em'!!! ;D

    Rhea Bue (Styles & Writes)

  2. purple lenses?! really!! that's wacky but you're awesome for trying it out!! Do make a post after you've worn em!
    Annd,,yes presentation does count..done a great job!! :D

  3. Cute Perona! 499 free shipping? not bad! wear the contact lens :)

  4. thanks for the comment. What are you saying, I 'DO' following your blog. :(


  5. Wow, will wait for you review, I hope you will be able to post it before the month ends (demanding?) hehe I am planning to buy 2 pairs too! So kinda wondering if the contact lenses from GWYSHOP are comfortable :) Anyway the packaging is cute no?



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