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Monday, 27 August 2012

MagTV De Aton Este Interview

We were invited yesterday (Aug 25, 2012) for a guest appearance in one segment of a local magazine show, MagTV De Aton Este, on ABS-CBN. The theme for this week's episode is Women Empowerment and we were requested to choose a favorite hero character to cosplay for the taping. I chose one of my favorite heroes, Hermione Granger, from the Harry Potter movie series.

We were informed about this four days before the scheduled taping! (O gosh, so little time to prep!) I googled for Hermione's photos and I found out that there are actually two types of female uniforms in the Harry Potter movie series. One is gray skirt and long-sleeved shirt set, with an equal-sized maroon-and-gold stripes on the necktie. The other is a black skirt and white shirt set and maroon necktie designed with golden yellow stripes in different sizes. I chose the gray skirt version with the maroon necktie from the second set (I wanted to blend the two types of uniform for my cosplay). I dyed my hair light brown (well, it did not really show on the photo but it was brown on the TV, I swear. :P) to achieve that Emma Watson hairstyle.

Speaking of Gryffindor neckties, I customized my own from an old maroon necktie and golden yellow ribbons. Used glue gun to stick the ribbons. It was a messy work but the necktie came out good. :)

During the taping...
From L-R: Cee, Nana, Yoru, PJ and Theresa

Normal mode. We were instructed not to change into our costumes yet because they intended to make a before and after scene of our cosplay.

Awesome Nana before the camera!

This was taken during the actual taping. Each of us posed before the camera, acting normal and then dressed up in cosplay. 

Donning in our costumes. I was the first to finish preparing so here I am doing crazy things with the camera. :DD
Okay forgive the duck face. LOL.

And Blossom saved the day by assisting the cameraman! :D 
Taken during the start of the actual interview. The host of the show, Kikay, was introducing cosplay on this scene. 

We were actually seated during the whole interview. But nobody was there to take photos of us. Kuya Mark arrived a little later and took these lovely photos during the last part of the taping. 

During the interview, we introduced our characters first. I delivered my favorite Hermione line which was "It's Leviosa, not leviosar."

We were asked about the history of our group ZANEC, when and why do we cosplay and other frequently asked questions about cosplaying. Everebody took turns in answering, which was awesome since we were a bit nervous during the whole interview. 

Kikay and the staff of ABS-CBN were very nice to us during the whole interview. They helped us compose ourselves in front of the camera.

From L-R: Punisher, Hermione, Ate Kikay, Mami Tomoe, Raven and Blossom

Overall, it was a nice experience. This was my second cosplay interview on TV and I can definitely say that this one was so much different than the other because I answered most of the questions well, without stuttering, messing up and the like. LOL

The scene below depicts our "cosplay activity" or things we do during cosplaying. We were instructed to act like we're in a convention or cosplay event.
I don't know why we were laughing in on these photos. Our faces look fishy here. :D

Aaaand, that's a wrap! We would like to thank MagTV and Ate Kikay for inviting us to the interview and helping us promote cosplay to Zamboanga. I hope this episode will help spread the news that cosplaying exists in Asia's Latin City. 

Go Zamboanga Cosplay!

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