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Monday, 13 August 2012

Something Personal: New Hairstyle

So like I've been thinking of dyeing my hair to a crazy color... and maybe having it styled too. A totally different hairstyle from the one I have right now.

Well, I don't really have a "hairstyle" you know. Just... hair. LOL

So anyway, here's a recent photo of my self with my hair.

I had a perm last summer and it's still intact. I kind of wanted a curly hair ever since. I tried a lot of curling methods that only lasted for a few hours. So I guess it was just right to have a perm. I felt like a geisha when I had curlers on my hair while I sleep. A big pain on the neck!

The curls are still intact after almost three months! I feel like that leading character in the newest Disney movie, Brave. :DD

Here's a photo of my curls a few days after I had the perm. Noodle girl, my friends said!
Oergoerdzz, those fat cheeks. >_<

Anywaayyyy, I never had anybody dye my hair. And because of my college course, I was not allowed to dye it. So like, yeah. I'm a good student who follows the school rules. :DD

But now, since I am about to graduate, I've been researching for new hairstyles and hair colors. I want a real makeover right after graduation!

Photos from google images. ><

Yeah, I want a male hairstyle. It looks different from my other hairstyles, REAL DIFFERENT! It looks light on my head and takes little maintenance. :))

Maybe something a big longer, eh no? I think this one looks cool also. But I feel like I'll look more like that local singer who's all over the social net sites because of her "noodle hair" ><

Maybe something a little bit clean, like this one. Cute boy hairstyle. LOL. The color is good too. Muddy-like color, if you will let me name it. 

Well, I've been thinking of my mom's reaction if I arrive home with those male hairstyles soo I included Yoon Eun Hye's hairstyle on my possible hairstyle list. I really love her hair! It looks light and breezy and comfy!

Last but not the least, the craziest hairstyle I found...
I'm kidding. I can't walk the streets of Zamboanga with that hair! Although, I do really love G-Dragon of BIGBANG. REALLY REALLY LOVE!

Lalalala~~ I need to choose one. Can you help me, please? :)


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  2. i like the cute boy hairstyle. ;)


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