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Monday, 17 September 2012

Crimsolympics Cosplay Competition - WMSU (Part 1)

Cee as Lelouch Lamperouge of Code Geass

The long awaited post on that mini-event that I joined and won: CRIMSOLYMPICS COSPLAY COMPETITION during the Western Mindanao State University Palaro 2012 last September 5, 2012 . It was a fun event and I even won a special award for my portrayal of Lelouch Lamperouge.

I really had an awesome time during the event. It was fun cosplaying with my friends and meeting new ones as well.

(Photo credits: Lucille. Click on each of the photos to enlarge them.)

Lelouch Lamperouge cosplay Mikuru Asahina cosplay
Okay, in-character now. :D
A photo with random people. It was nice of them to ask a photo of us with them. I felt like I was the real Lelouch that time! :)

After stopping by for photos, we went straight to the open stage for the competition. We were briefed by the organizers about the flow of the program and how to win the event. 
THIS IS A STOLEN SHOT! LOL I look so not Lelouch on this photo. 

Met up with Cristina at the event! She wuz zoo pretty cosplaying Elsie of The World God Only Knows
My new mistress. :DD
But then my original waifuu, Nouf, won't agree to that. LOL

The contestants...
Anyway, after fooling around, the event started and here we introducing our characters.

Nouf cosplaying Mikuru Asahina of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Shellaine as Asami Hoshino from Myself Yourself

Here I am, portrtaying Lelouch Lamperouge and ordering the audience to die. I was being in character. LOL

Cristina as Elucia of The World God Only Knows. Purrdyy!

We met a new friend during the event! Here's Jenaly as Haruhi of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya!
The SOS Brigade? LOL

Aww, ain't it awesome to see the two beloved ladies of the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya?
Jenaly was nice enough to mingle with us and pose for a few shots that day. She was so friendly! We got to talk to her and joke around with her a few minutes after we were introduced to each other.

Anyway, we were back onstage for the competition. I think this is the only in-character shot that we have. 
Oh yeah! We were so in-character here!

Then there's the "fooling around" portion...
Get ready for a few fooling-around shots! This was taken DURING the event, when the host was still interviewing the other contestants. Okay so we did not care that there are A LOT of people looking at us while we did our "thing" on stage. LOL
I was glomped by the ladies! But no one will take me away from Elsie! :DD
We were so out-of-character and so out-of-hand!
We totally can't help it. :D
No explanations needed. ;)
And we got busy with other stuffs but Elsie was still game. :DD
Oh yeah. I have a harem nao. :D
So the event was taking time. The Great Lulu suggested that they should go home using Elsie's "Firebolt". 
The following photos are REALLY REALLY out-of-character. Be warned. 
This is what happens when you leave Cee hungry. LOL. 

Off to Hogwarts! 
Yes, the girl on the right does not know that she's being photographed. GOMEN! 
My thumb says LIKE but my face says otherwise. :DD
Somebody should shoot me dead. Oh well. :D

ZANEC MEMBERS were there to support us! 
The members of an otaku group that I belong went and supported us during the event. We thanked them by glomping each one of them. LOL.

Aww this is a cuute photo of everybody!
In-character now...
Boom! Wacky/out-of-character shot. :D
Anyway, watch out for the part two (second day) of the cosplaying event! A few more photos and the awarding ceremony of this event!

For the second part, click here.


  1. OMG makamiss gad tuloy man cosplay!! =)) Love the photos, Cee! :3

  2. @bee - we should thank Lucille for taking awesome shots! :)

  3. Nice! :) I actually enjoyed looking at the photos! Would love to cosplay too sometime :) maybe ill tell Kaye. HAHAHA


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