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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Nihon Fure Ai Kai Club - NSG Convocation X Rukia Kuchiki Cosplay

A couple of months ago, the Western Mindanao State University College of Nursing welcomed the freshmen by organizing the annual convocation - the time when faculty members, rules, regulations, proper uniform, etc. are being introduced. Of course, college clubs were presented that time too.

Welcome to the Nihon Fure Ai Kai!
The only club I belong in my college is the Nihon Fure Ai Kai (A Touch of Japan) club. The club offers sponsored Japanese language classes to nursing students who are members of the club. Sadly, I am not taking up classes because I only joined last year. >_<

Rukia Kuchiki with the members of the club.
So yeah, I cosplayed Rukia Kuchiki during the convocation. As what I have said on my last post, our club is famous for our cosplay so to promote it, we were asked to dress up and dance in front of the whole college.

Me and Marge had our try on the entrance of our mini-Japan. :)
Of course Kon had to come along. :) 

Take a look at our display.
This is our wonderful table that day, thanks to the members who set this up. :)
Click on the photos to enlarge it. 

Hey, it's me! My Kyon cosplay last year.

So yeah, here I am before the table accepting new members. 
Oh yeah. About the dance...

I was part of the club's presentation. I was trying to be Rukia while dancing the Hare Hare Yukai. So what do you think? :)

Photo and video credits: Lucille Miguel

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