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Thursday, 6 September 2012

What I've been doing.

It's our Palaro!! (lalala~) And I actually thought that I can blog as much as I want this week since we won't be having classes and duties but... NO! Ugh. School activities everywhere, plus our research study! I did not even have enough time to help our club's booth during and worse, I think I won't be having a day off. Oh well, so much for the one week vacation, as they say.

Well I'm not entirely complaining about it since I have enjoyed a little, somehow. 

Anyway, here's a quick recap on what happened during the past few days. Photo-blog post, everyone! 

How Cee enjoyed the week off...

Tuesday, Sept 4
cee culanculan

A couple of kids brought a bunny to school and I HAD TO HOLD IT! Asked my friend to take a photo of me with it. It wuz zoo fluffeh! 

A actually snatched that nekomimi (kitty ears) from a co-member of Nihon just for this photo. Of course, I returned it to the owner afterwards. :D

Wednesday, Sept 5
Photo from my Instagram: yourstrulycee0217
The entire class of BSN4F visited two homes for the aged for one of our subjects yesterday. We conducted a short program and interacted with our chosen clients. It was my first time to visit these homes and it was a wonderful experience being with them.

In the afternoon of that day, me and my friends joined a cosplay competition held in our campus. I went as Lelouch Lamperouge since I've been dying to cosplay Lulu. It actually turned out okay! (I was expecting a haggard face and a messy wig since I was so tired of the home for the aged visits and I had little time to prepare for everything!). I would like to thank my friend Lucille for the following photos:

cee culanculan Lelouch Lamperouge code geass cosplay
Cee as Lelouch.
I had a lot of fun that day! It was nice hanging out with my friends. We were actually posing for photos while an interview with another cosplayer was happening on stage. OHNOEZZ (Take note, we were ALSO on stage. :p)

Can you guess the characters we portrayed that day? ;)
L-R: Nouf, Shellaine, Cee, Cristina and Jenaly
I will write another post about this certain event soon, of course with a lot of photos so watch out for it! :)


  1. Lelouch! ❤ Nice cosplay. :)

  2. Wanted to witness this but I didn't know what time it will commence. So I decided not to drop by wmsu na lang. huhu will there be another cosplay event this week? I heard today raw?

  3. @Jemm, thanks! :)

    @yuri - yep meron nga kagabi. awarding sya. :)

  4. Hindi ko alam ung pinopotray mo ung iba lng. SInce i'm not into cosplay kaya i'm excused haha wait 4F? F din ako! Yay haha enjoy your week! :)

  5. @patricia - wattacoincidence. :D go BSN4F!


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