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Saturday, 29 September 2012

ZYLORDS - A Visual Kei Video and Photo Shoot (First Batch of Photos)

This is a not-so-recent photo shoot by our cosplay/otaku group (well, we were once part of ZANEC but all of us dropped out of it almost at the same time).

This was a Visual Kei shoot, a style common among Japanese bands which constitute members wearing extravagant and or distinctive costumes, makeup and hairstyles.

Our version of Visual Kei inclined more on gothic-styled costumes, makeup and hairstyles. Black dominated most of our getups, with chains and studded accessories to complete the look. We had to design our costumes from scratch, since this is not a cosplay shoot - when our costumes were imitated from a character's entire physical appearance.

This was, by far, the hardest and most flamboyant shoot that I have participated. Most of our effort went into wearing and transforming ourselves into one of the most popular style or fashion in Japan. This was also our first try on video shooting. It was tiring but fun to do.

Anyway, enough talk. Here is the first batch of photos released by our shoot leader. More photos and the final set will be released very soon so watch out for it!

(Click on the photos for a larger view)

Zylords Visual Kei Group photo
L-R: Gairu, Yoru, Kyou, Shiba and Chigusa
Here are the members of ZYLORDS:

Kyou - Vocalist
zylords visual kei band vocalist kyou
Kei as Kyou

Chigusa - Lead Guitarist
zylords visual kei band lead guitarist chigusa
Cee as Chigusa

Shiba - Secondary Guitarist
zylords visual kei band secondary guitarist shiba
Alyssa as Shiba

Gairu - Bass Guitarist
zylords visual kei band bass guitarist gairu
Gail as Gairu

Yoru - Drummer
zylords visual kei band drummer yoru
Queen as Yoru

Photographers: Kei, Cee and Marigin
Videographer: Marigin, Mark Allan


    Cool get up. I like the rock-star-devil-may-care feel to the photos. :D

  2. wow! i wonder how much you spent on making those outfits!cool photos btw:))


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