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Sunday, 14 October 2012

My Very Own CosCard!

I was browsing the web for cosplay blogs when I stumbled upon this interesting practice in most conventions, the exchange of COSCARDS.

COSCARDS are cosplayers' "business cards" with their CURE Number, e-mail address, website, facebook account and so on that are given to other cosplayers and photographers in a cosplay event. It is customary in Japan to exchange business cards after meeting a person for the first time. So these coscards are the business card's equivalent in the cosplay world. Read all about the Japanese business card etiquette here.

I got so interested with these lovely things that I actually made a couple of designs for my coscards. Take a look at them:
cosplay cure cards cee culanculan
The making of my coscards.
I included in my coscard my name. blog URL, facebook page, e-mail address and my cure number.

I followed SG Cafe's tutorial on making the cards. It was very helpful in a way that it also included a template to help you in printing out the coscards when you are done making it.

I used specialty board size 8.5 by 13 in 220 GSM for the print outs. It turned out pretty nicely.
The color is cream but it looks almost white.

cosplay cure cards cee culanculan
My printed-out coscards with the album. 
I bought a business cards album to keep the coscards. Thank goodies it fitted perfectly.
cosplay cure cards cee culanculan
My coscards with the photo of my visual kei style. 
cosplay cure cards cee culanculan
Coscards with the photo of my Gakupo Matryoshka cosplay. 
I can't wait for the next cosplay event in my town! I want to exchange coscards with other cosplayers to get to know them better. I think this is a very convenient way to exchange information about you during an event. You don't always carry a pen and paper always, do you? :)

Do you have coscards of your own? Why don't we exchange next time when I see you? :)


  1. Cool. Pwede na for publish. Lol.


    1. thank youu! I hope to make more of these soon. :)

  2. I hope there would be a cosplay here in Zamboanga agin so I could see you :-)

    1. yeaah! It's been a while since the last cosplay convention here in Zamboanga. I want to meet new people too especially bloggers who are intersted in my hobby.


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