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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Cee watches Friday Night Blab! X A blog announcement

Ever wonder what I've been doing during friday nights? NO I DON'T GO TO CLUBS AND PARTY MY BUTT OFF. I don't really go to these bars and clubs. I don't have the money to spend there and I am not interested in getting drunk and all. lol

So anyway, during friday nights (late friday nights to be exact) I watch Tempest Films' Friday Night Blab from 10PM to 1PM. It's a livestream show that focuses on cosplay events and conventions, cosplay talk and issues, and even blind items.

I have been watching the show since episode two. Talking to the hosts and engaging in conversations with them thru the chatbox is really the fun part of it. You get the chance to share your opinions about the current topic that they are talking about.

The show's last episode debuts the new option in interacting: Skype video calls. Viewers can now express their thoughts live AND get to ask questions to the hosts and send out messages to the other viewers. Pretty amazing, huh?

I did try this feature and I got the chance to interact with the hosts and guests that I really like.

Skip to 01:28:56 - 01:36:55 to view my call. :)

Forgive my call. I did not prepare any question and all so I literally mumbled and froze for a second or two oh well. LOL. At least I had fun. And the hosts were really nice to me despite the fact that I was not able to interact that well during the video call. :)

Some announcements,
I am going to start doing video blogs! (after so many ages preparing. LOL) I now have a tripod which would really help me while I take my videos (better alternative than the books I have). I am still planning on what to film but I have been thinking of making a FAQs video about my blog, cosplay and being an otaku. I hope I can start preparing very soon. ^^. 

Do you have any questions that I can answer on my upcoming VLog? Comment below and I might include it in my list. 

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