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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Cosplay Plans (?): Really Awesome Game Characters

That really ambitious moment when I look up to really gorgeous goddesses and wanting to be just like them. *cough cough

I know I am just your ordinary geek trying to appreciate the world of otaku-ness by cosplaying but sometimes my ambitions get really high, so high that I sometimes dream of cosplaying these lovely game characters that I have known since I started playing the games to which they belong.

Ermmm, still these ambitions are sometimes good for me, in a way that it these cosplans give me inspiration to change for the better not only to successfully portray the characters that I want to cosplay but also for my not-so-good health and lifestyle.

One VERY good example is achieving a suitable figure for these drop-dead gorgeous characters.

Enough introductions. Let's start! 

So anyway, this brother of mine got a whole new computer set and made me try a new game he recently acquired: Street Fighter X Tekken

Manliness aside, I do have a weak point for females with pink hair. I've been in love with a few fictional characters who possess these gorgeous locks dyed in heavenly girly color (Luka Megurine of Vocaloid, Shirahoshi-hime and Perona of One Piece...etc). So yeah, with that... I instantly chose the character that caught my eye: Poison.

Poison - Street Fighter X Tekken

Poison is one smexy lady in the game. Her hair is pink in color, wearing bra-like white shirt, very short denim pants, with chains and cuffs for accessories. She wears a headgear similar to a police cap, decorated with a long chain. She uses her whip while doing her fighting skills and combos.

See that? Durrr. I need super powers and a hella driving force to achieve that appearance. It's a challenge that I wanna take! 

The next is a pair of lovely characters from one of the first games that I tried playing: Ragnarok Online. 

Guillotine Cross - Ragnarok Online
Sura - Ragnarok Online
Like I said. DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. I love the details on the characters' appearance especially their costumes. I do have a Guillotine Cross character and I am still leveling it up til now. I got a bit busy with other things that's why I am a little behind on the game.

As for the Suras, well if they are handled by skilled players, they can really be a big pain in the neck for weak players like me. I can't seem to get back at them after some random Sura kills me while I'm using the Kafra and all. That's why these characters are a big part of my gaming life, urging me to find ways on how to defend my characters against Suras and finding ways on how to make my characters stronger. 

So that's about it! Maybe I need to go on a major lifestyle change, diet and exercise before I do these characters. I don't wanna rush everything and show up in a convention or cosplay event with a half-baked cosplay and a big belly. Haha!

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