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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Makeup Post: Pink All The Way

Here's my first try on doing a real makeup post. I know that I am still a novice when it comes to real makeup but how can I learn if I won't start doing it, right? 

So I tried rummaging my makeup collection and tried on a Luka Megurine-inspired makeup. 

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I used BB cream, make-up base foundation, pressed powder, two tones of pink eyeshadow, dip liner, brown and pink blush and a matte lip cream. 

This photo made me realize that I do have really short lashes! 
I think I still need to work out on the eyes - the eyeshadow, liner and mascara. Maybe I'll apply fake lashes next time.

I better improve next time. I'll buy a pink wig and redo it all over again. this time I'll darken everything a bit, emphasizing on the eyes. Been wanting to cosplay Luka Megurine for a while now. I am really into cosplaying couples, I don't know why. (ie: Ichigo and Rukia, Kyon and Haruhi.. maybe Gakupo and Luka next time?)


  1. Pretty! Add a lil bit of lenses to make your eyes bigger. <3

    1. Thank you! I'll wear them once I have a wig. :)

  2. Go for Lukaaaa~ Weeeheee! :D


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