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Monday, 31 December 2012

GIVEAWAY: A Year-Ender Giveaway

So you think that was it? Here's one last giveaway for 2012 to celebrate a wonderful year! I just started blogging again this year and I think this is a great way to say THANK YOU for following my adventures all the way!

A Year-Ender Giveaway brought to you by
and yours truly!

Here are the lovely prizes for this giveaway:

First winner will receive:
1 Peplum dress from 85th Closet
1 Pair of Contact Lens from Unicorn Delight
1 cute pouch
1 coupon card from Unicorn Delight

Second winner will receive:
1 Color-block skirt from 85th Closet
1 Kawaii Hat from Hatah Hatah
1 Watch
1 Coupon from Unicorn Delight

Third winner will receive:
1 Lace Shorts from 85th Closet
1 Kawaii Hat from Hatah Hatah
1 Erna SPF / 1 Whitening Cream
1 Coupon Card from unicorn Delight

Fourth winner will receive:
1 Blouse
1 Kawaii Hat from Hatah Hatah
1 Gluta Power Lotion
1 Coupon Card from Unicorn Delight

And below is a clearer photo of the Unicorn Delight coupon, please take not of all the details to avoid confusion or problems in the future:

Thank you again, Hatah Hatah for sponsoring the hats!! :)

Happy New Year!!


  1. I joined! :)
    GFC Name: lily
    Facebook Name: Lilibeth Torres
    Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/iamwaterlily
    Twitter Name: Lilibeth Torres
    Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/iamwaterLiLy

    blog: lily's corner

  2. GFC Name: Rhea Juaton
    Facebook Name: Rhea Jane Juaton
    Facebook Link: facebook.com/aehrjuaton
    Twitter Name: @aehRjuaton
    Twitter Link: twitter.com/aehRjuaton

  3. GFC: Fatima Jasmine Gonzales
    Name: Fatima Jasmine Gonzales
    Facebook Name: Fatima Jasmine Gonzales
    Facebook Link:http://www.facebook.com/fatimajasmine.gonzales/posts/398419940242297
    Twitter Name: @Fatima_Jasmine
    Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/Fatima_Jasmine

  4. GFC: Sie Cajilig
    Name: Sie Cajilig
    Facebook Name: Alice Owner
    Facebook Link: http://www.facebook.com/AliceOfTheShop
    Twitter Name: Sie Cajilig
    Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/SieCajilig

  5. GFC Name: SM
    Facebook Name: Shiela Marie Calzada
    Facebook Link: http://www.facebook.com/smcalzada
    Twitter Name: @doki_loves_nabi
    Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/doki_loves_nabi
    Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/smcalzada/posts/575701529111874


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