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Thursday, 3 January 2013

MAKEUP REVIEW: CUICU Flashing Diamond Single EyeShadow- Blueviolet

Happy New Year, dear readers!! How's the munching over there? If you ask me, I think I ate a lot of oranges this new year. Not much on the dishes since we did not prepare any festive dish last new year's eve.

Anyway, today I present another makeup review on an eyeshadow that I got from KKCENTERHK.com.

Product name: CUICU Flashing Diamond Single EyeShadow- Blueviolet
CUICU  No. 23
NET: 4.2g

The packaging of the product was nicely done. The product I received is brand new, with 4.2 grams for 4.83USD.

The swatch.
What I love about this product:

In my opinion, the eyeshadow came out purple in color. I applied it on and the shade appears to be thick and highly pigmented. Blending the shade with pink was easy to do and the color combination came out great.

Anyway, I really loved this product because it is easy to use. As you can see on the following photos, I applied eyeshadow on my eyebrows (this is usually done when doing cosplay makeup) and it came out well. I think this is a good product for my Gakupo Kamui cosplay.

The product does not have any funny smell, which is good for me. I am really not into products that gives out a weird smell. It turns me off. LOL

With camera flash.

No flash, indoor light

The shade with the star is the other color that I used in this review. I tried blending it with the purple eyeshadow.

Would you recommend this product?
Yes! I think this is a great eyeshadow for a Gakupo Cosplay Makeup. It matched the color of my wig and I am definitely going to use this in one of my future cosplays! 

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