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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Otaku Adventures: ATFEST 2012 Last Day Appreciation

A very late post for you guys: My visit to the Ateneo Fiesta 2012! My Atenean friends invited me to raid the school... in a different style. 

*All photos were taken by Sheed. :)

Me as the Dinosaur, Gin as the Panda and Shiba as the Tiger

The school's atmosphere was really festive! I saw lots of stalls and food stands everywhere. Too bad I was not able to take photos of those stalls since I was not handling the camera day. 

Anyway, we dressed up in pajamas when we got inside the campus and then headed to the carnival rides. We tried the Octopus ride since Shiba said it was a lot more fun than the caterpillar ride and the Ferris wheel combined. So we packed up our courage and strutted our stuff to the site. 

We looked like we were plotting something here. Oh well. Look at our tails!
And since I still don't have the files of the video blog that we recorded DURING our ride, here's a teaser video taken by our good friend Sheed (with Ralhpy) while they were watching us from below. 

Look at my face!! LOL

After the ride, we headed to a Japanese food stall where they sell real Japanese food prepared by a real Japanese chef!

I was puking rainbows the minute I smelled food. In my mind, I felt like I was in a real Japanese school fest. (Oh, every otaku's dream :p)
These pajamas made us sweat real hard. 
Photo from my instagram
This what I ate that time. Similar-to-chicken-fillet-that-I-forgot-the-real-name with rice! Oh it was really satisfying!

The owner of the stall took out his camera and took photos of us! How nice!
And then... OUR FOOD! Do we look like legit endorsers now?

The kind chef obliged to a photo op we requested. Gin the Panda calls him Oji-san.
Talking with Oji-san was like watching an anime. I needed subtitles. But it was still an awesome experience!
Photos with the staff of the food stall. Thank you for preparing our delicious orders!
After eating, we toured the campus and browsed a few interesting stalls. I bought a souvenir for my mom - a cellphone charm! 

It was a very fun afternoon! I wished I got a few more photos for you guys but oh well, we did took a series of shots for a GIF, as a tradition. :))


Thank you for reading and welcome 2013!

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  1. Nyah cute! Didn't see you though! Sana makita kita naka cosplay soon! :)


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