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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Otaku Kazoku invades One Mega Fair 2012

Super late post from yours truly! Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I got very busy with my last ward duty that I had little time to do leisure activities. Anyway, I am done with the hospital duties and I am now "semi-free" to write maybe everyday!

Anyway, the Tzu Chi Foundation hosts the One Mega Fair, a charitable event every year and last year, 2012, was the first time that I participated.  All proceeds will go to charity. Kind of a Christmas present to them! What a great way to help others!

We were in costumes that day to promote the hobby, cosplay, and maybe attract possible sponsors into organizing a cosplay event. As you all know, the cosplay community in Zamboanga is still quite new and we rarely have events and competitions down here.

I went to the event with my friends - we named our group Otaku Kazoku or the OK club. We cosplay and organize shoots for fun.

Some of the members of OK: Cee, Gin, Shiba and Emina 
We browsed the stalls for some wonderful items and we found a lot of nice books for low prices. Gin bought one instantly! :)

Look at all the shoppers!
Products from fruits to makeup are all here!! Some of the stalls off hair styling using spray-on dye and glitters!

After hanging around and observing, we headed to the dressing room to change to our costumes. Get ready for our awesome transformation!

Hipster mirror pose? :)
Wacky, they said.
So, are you ready to see our transformation? Brace yourselves!!

Mugi needs her servant to apply makeup on her. Oh, Hime-sama!!
Usually Most of the time, I am the makeup artist of the whole group. Well, I am not complaining though! I really love trying out what I have learned in makeup on my friends' faces. :D

We're all ready now! Off to see the world and observe people's faces! I was expecting questionable looks that day. I don't blame them. Who would expect a bunch of kids in costumes and wigs? It ain't Halloween!

This guy just went straight to us and asked us if he can take a photo. He loves anime, according to him! 
So instead of weird faces from shoppers, we were greeted by this guy who wanted to take a photo of us. OERGOERDZ!! Someone who's out of our friendship circle appreciated our hobby!! I am so happy! *tears rolling down)

Mugi and Lelouch staying in-character. Shiba all smiles, and Queen and Mark... are Mr. and Mrs. Hitler?!
We found some friends who dressed up for the event too!! I think they were not portraying any character at the moment. Anyway, we also found another couple of shoppers dressed in Japanese fashion too!! Too bad we were not able to take a photo with them because the encounter was just too short. I brought coscards with me but I was not able to hand it to them! D:

And our friends danced on stage! Way to muster your courage, guys! 

So after roaming around the grounds, in costume this time, we went upstairs to rest and to take more photos. I think my craziness, which will be shown below, is a result of my hunger. I tried my best to look like Lelouch despite the pervy look. :D

Lelouch: KISS ME
Shiba thr Lolita: NO! *uses geass canceler*

Because of my, uhh, behavior - we decided to feed ourselves with great food offered during the fair. Again, I was not able to photos of the food stalls!! Forgive me. D: 
We bought a lot and gobbled everything. I had dumplings with rice (my ultimate fave!).

Now that we were full, we were inspired to take pose for more photos and enjoy more! LOL. Before heading to a nice place to do a mini-shoot, ze MuGIN ordered me to draw her Kotobuki Eyebrows. We totally forgot to thicken her eyebrows during changing so I obliged to this request and pulled out my trusty pencil. 

I did a pretty good job, eh? :)

And so... off to the hotel's lobby for the shoot! 
The hotel had a gorgeous lobby. We were lucky to have our photos taken there!
Ishan had to head home so Sheed took our photos during this mini-shoot. Thanks Sheed!! You're really a great help to us!!

Well, that's it guys!! Hope you liked my event report! We had lotsa fun that day and it was a great experience shopping while helping others. Can't wait for Mega Fair 2013!

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