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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Work-in-progress: New cosplay wig for an upcoming cosplay!

Acting like I just got out of the TV. :)

Hey guys!! My order from a new shop just came in and I am very much satisfied with the transaction!

I ordered my Panty cosplay for a shoot from Vanity Lair, an online shop that sells wigs and lenses especially for cosplayers. It's my first time to buy from this shop and I was a bit nervous upon ordering a wig from it (I always feel anxious when this happens. Wigs are a bit expensive and I cannot afford to be scammed just by anybody!)

Anyway, I am going to write a full review on this order and a bit on the shop. Maybe in the future I might feature this shop here if my future transactions with them will be flow as well as this one. Watch out for it!

Here are a few photos of the package and the wig. Enjoy!

The package arrived as expected!
Photo from my Instagram account

Teaser photo with the wig. :)
Photo from my Instagram account.
How does the wig suit me? Tell me what you think!

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