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Thursday, 28 February 2013

EVENT: Zamboanga K-Party 2013

As promised (on my page and all over this blog) I will update you guys on the latest cosplay news here in Zamboanga... and guess what? I got hold of a few info about a cosplay event that will happen next month:

The Zamboanga K-Party 2013


One of the events to be held at the party is the cosplay comeptition - open to anime, manga and game cosplayers.

Photo from the event page. COSPLAY, not COSTPLAY. D:
To be able to attend the party (and join the events), interested cosplayers may buy their tickets from the assigned organizers thru meetups at malls, usually in Mindpro Citimall. The registration fee (worth 350php) will cover the venue, food and will give the party-goer the privilege to join any (or maybe all) of the contests during the party.

The organizers will be selling tickets til the second week of March, 2013. For more info (and payments for the tickets), contact Camille thru her mobile number: 0926-349-2839

FIY: I am not an organizer of this event. I just got this info from the official event page (Zamboanga K-Party 2013) and from my SMS conversations with one of the organizers, Camille. 


Due to certain circumstances, the organizers decided to change the venue of the event. Details will be announced later on the official event page. :)


WHAT: Zamboanga K-Party 2013
WHEN: March 24, 2013

Hope to see you there! 

Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Accidental Stella

I was thinking of characters with blonde hair when a Final Fantasy character came into my mind. Nope, it's not Tidus or Riku. It's Stella! :)

stella nox fleuret

Stella Nox Fleuret is a character in Final Fantasy Versus XIII, an upcoming RPG game. The character is still to be released so I only know little about her.

Anyway, I did not miss the part where she got layered blonde hair and purple eyes - which reminded me of a recent selca shot of that wig trial that I did with purple contact lenses:

So I tweaked the photo above a bit then I added headshot of Stella that I got from here and voila! :)
stella nox fleuret
Click here for a clearer view.
Been thinking of doing a real Stella makeup trial with this wig styled that way. And maybe wear a few pieces similar to Stella's outfit, for fun. :)

What do you think?

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

PHOTOPOST: Valentine and Birthday Summary

Hey guys! How was your Valentine's Day? Well, mine was a bit tiring because we had a fund-raising activity for our COPAR project. But it became great since someone nice made my day special with a gift from the heart... a heart-shaped cake!! My favorite!!

February 14
It has my name and all! 
Sweet cakes, I have a sweet tooth!! He (will remain unnamed) brought the cake to my school and helped out our mini booth for a bit. We ate the cake after closing our fund-raising booth in the evening. It was the best cake ever!

February 17
It was my birthday!! I invited my friends over my house for a little party prepared by my parents. Yeah, we call ourselves SAILORGAYS. :)

Here's a photo of us with my puppies. :)
Instagram @yourtrulycee0217
I don't have any decent photos of the party right now but I will upload some soon. The next photo is of a gift given to me by the same guy who gave me the cake. Kyaa!! :)

Instagram @yourstrulycee0217
I call it Bready. It has my name on it at the back. He personalized a big stuffed toy - which is another first for me. Oh this is my lucky year!

Fun weekend for me!! I hope you had a blast during Valentine's Day!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

TEASER: Lords and Lolitas Appreciation Day

Hey guys!!  I know some of you are waiting for this post. Well, can I release a teaser set for now? :)

Get ready for the...

Teaser Banner!! :)

At last the time has come to release the first few photos (behind-the-scenes) from our latest shoot by the Otaku Kazoku club: The Lords and Lolitas Appreciation Day. We organized this shoot to bring out our interpretation and appreciation of the Lolita Fashion as popularized by the Japanese.

So anyway, here's the set of photos taken from that day! Watch out for the final set, guys!

The rising Gin! :)
And I am included here!! 

Shoot at the Butterfly Park!

Our second location! (For the video shoot)

It's called Veggie Planet, a vegetarian's haven located at Pasonanca, Zamboanga City.

Look at the food!! I actually liked them even though I am not a vegetarian. 

And take a look at some of us. We did our best in our ooutfits/getups. :)

So that's it! Hope you'll watch out for the final photos soon! :)

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

QUICK POST: A Lovely Treat For Your Special Someone

Still having a problem on what to give to your special someone this Valentine's Day?
Worry no more for we have the solution to that!

Delivery within the city of Zamboanga only.
For questions and placement of orders, call 09173036524
or send your details via Facebook mail to Euly 

What are you waiting for? Order now!

Monday, 4 February 2013

ZYLORDS - A Visual Kei Video and Photo Shoot (First Batch of Photos and the First Video Release)

Hey guys! So I am going to release the second batch of Visual Kei photos that were taken almost a year ago. Yeah, the photos and video clips were long forgotten until recently when one of us obtained a decent video-editing software for our music video cover.

Anyway, this was the first project of the OK club, from the simple photoshoot team to a video production team (complete with creative director, videographer, hair and makeup artist and stylist). It was fun shooting the entire day (add that moment when we ate at a fast food chain in complete visual kei do). 

Here is our video cover of Alice Nine's Cosmic World.
First video of our group. More to come!

And here are the photos taken during the video shoot. Enjoy!
All photos were taken by Gin and post-processed by yours truly.


WIG REVIEW: Alice Cosplay Wig from Vanity Lair

Hey guys! remember my previous post on a new cosplay wig bought online? Now it's time for a full review on a cosplay wig brand Alice Wigs (or Ywailisi) from an online shop called Vanity Lair

Disclaimer: I bought this wig with my own money. I was not paid or sponsored to do this review. 

I know buying from online shops on Facebook is a bit risky but I made sure that the shop is legit before filling up an order form. You guys should do that too if you are going to buy online for the first time. Take note of the proofs of the shops like real feedback from previous customers of the shop. It is important to be very sure before sending in your money for a product. A lot of these shops require full payment before sending in your order so if you are not sure about the legitimacy of an online shop, do not transact from it.

A little about the shop:
Vanity Lair is an online shop on Facebook that sells cosmetic lenses, hair dyes and different brands of cosplay wigs. Most of the cosplay wigs are on-hand (readily available) and they ship nationally, but buyers can also opt for meetup in buying wigs and other products.

Shop's Description of the Product:



So the product that I bought from them is Panty's wig - Alice Brand which is on hand. That time, I had a bit of a problem in the mode of payement. I did not have enough GCASH credits to buy the wig but the owner suggested that the remaining balance can be paid with cellphone load. The owner was understanding and patient during our conversation online. So after completing the payment, the owner informed me that the wig will arrive by Monday or Tuesday (I placed my order and completed the payment on Friday).

And so it arrived on Tuesday. 
The wig arrived on time, which is a plus to the seller. I really dread delayed arrival of products because of my previous experience with a shop some time ago (I bought a wig from a shop once, and it arrived UBER LATE. So late, that I missed a photoshoot, the time where I was supposed to wear the wig. Instead of anger, I felt so sad that time that I actually thought of giving up cosplay!).

Anyway, here is a set of photos of the wig that I got. I did not enhance any of the following photos to show the actual color and quality of the wig.

Opening of the package...
Wig was enclosed in a bubble wrap.
Wig was with original tag.  No special wrapping whatsoever.
The wig was packed properly, complete with the wig net that held the entire wig. 
The order came with a free skin-tone wig cap. Yay! 
Shot of the length of the wig. 
The wig is made of Kanekalon fibers, is heat resistant (can be ironed and curled) and the length reaches my butt. It was heavier than I expected, I actually thought that it will not be as thick as Gakupo since it only costed me about 1350PHP. (my Gakupo wig, as seen here, is about 1800PHP). Actually, this wig is really cheap (usually, long wigs like this will cost you about 1800PHP to 2000PHP in other shops or other brands) yet the quality is as good as the Grand Young Brand or Lucaille Brand, which is a bit pricey than other wig brands.

Here is a close-up photo of the wig fibers (with flash). It's the same as my Gakupo wig - Lucaille brand.

I think the color of the wig (which is yellow) is perfect for Panty of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt since the anime was drawn in American cartoon style, and Panty's hair is really yellow rather than the real blonde.

Panty and Stocking
So for the photos of yours truly with the wig...
Instead of the normal SELCA (Self Capture) and webcam shots that I did on my previous trials and reviews, this time I had an actual mini-shoot with the product. Some of the photos were taken by my brother. 

Without flash, outdoor light.
The following photos were taken outside, without using flash. Photos were not enhanced in anyway to show the color and quality of the wig. I only added the watermark.

Wig is not very shiny on this shot. It actually reminded me of mango-flavored ice cream. :D
I have Panty's red stilettos for the default version. :)

Without flash, enhanced.
The following photos were taken without flash and were enhanced using a photo-editing software.

I still need to trim the bangs and add more spikes to make it look like Panty's hair.

I was impressed by how my brother take photos. :D

With flash.
The following photos were taken with flash but were not enhanced in anyway. I only added the watermark. 

Oh yeah, this one is SELCA. :D
I-am-thinking-of-something.jpeg. HAHA

With flash, enhanced.
The following photos were taken with flash and were enhanced using a photo-editing software. 

I do really love this pair of red shoes! 
Okay, same pose - different angle. LOL

In conclusion...
I like the overall quality of the wig. It did not have a moment of massive hair loss during the trial. The color is not really blinding and was close to the product photo from the company. The fibers are thick and strong - which is surprising for a low-priced wig. The transaction with the shop was good and the product arrived on the expected date. The shop owner was considerate on the modes of payment, even though I was a first-time customer of hers. 

Would you recommend this wig brand to other cosplayers?
Yes! I think it's a great brand for a low price. Quality is similar to other brands that I have seen personally but is a bit cheaper (slash about a couple of hundred pesos from the price). For cosplayers out there, this brand is definitely worth your money. I would also like to recommend the shop, Vanity Lair. My first transaction with them is great. I might buy wigs from this shop in the future. 

And that's it! I hope you guys like my review on this product. What brand do you want me to review next? Comment your thoughts below!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Late 2012 Recap - Cosplays and Costrips

I know it's late for a recap since January is over but hey, I have not started any proper cosplays for this year yet so I think it's still okay to post my recap on last year's adventures and shenanigans.

Anyway, I separated the cosplay and the costrip photos. I don't want to brand fashion styles like Visual Kei and Lolita as "cosplay" because THEY ARE NOT. (Please get this straight. PLEASE.)

So here is a compilation of my cosplays last year and the events I joined:

TOP, L-R: Rukia, Ichigo Kurosaki and Gogo Yubari
BOTTOM, L-R: Gakupo - Matryoshka, Hermione Granger and Lelouch Lamperouge

  • Rukia Kuchiki cosplayed during the WMSU College of Nursing Convocation. Read all about here.
  • Ichigo Kurosaki cosplayed during the Open Cosplay Photoshoot. Read all about it here.
  • Gogo Yubari cosplayed during the MCTV Movie Mania 2012. Won my first cosplay award on this event. Links: WIP on Gogo | Day One | Day Two.
  • Gakupo - Matryoshka cosplayed during the Opening of the WMSU College of Nursing Mini-Olympics Parade. Read all about it here
  • Hermione Granger cosplayed during the MagTV interview. Read all about it here
  • Lelouch Lamperouge first cosplayed during the WMSU Crimsolympics Cosplay Competition. Also won an award on this event. Links: Part One | Part Two.

And now for the costrips and fashion shoots: 

TOP, L-R: in a Dino Kigurumi, in a Stitch Kigurumi, in a Hello Kitty Kigurumi
BOTTOM, L-R: Visual Kei, Santa Gakuko, Hime Gyaru

  • Dino worn during the Ateneo de Zamboanga University Fiesta 2012. Read all about it here.
  • Stitch worn during the Kigurumi party and mini-shoot. Read all about it here.
  • Hello Kitty worn during the Kigurumi Parade. Read all about here
  • Visual Kei for a music video shoot. Read all about it here
  • Santa Gakuko for the Nihon Fure Ai Kai Christmas Party 2012. Also won an award during this mini-even. Read all about it here.
  • Hime Gyaru fashion for a photoshoot. Read all about it here

Well, I think that's it! I won a bunch of awards this year and gained a lot more friends because of cosplaying. I hope the blessings will continue and I hop you guys will support me and my adventures all the way!

Thank you!! 

Love lots,

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